Best Portable Anemometer

ennoLogic Anemometer eA980R

  • THIS POCKET-SIZED MOBILE ANEMOMETER MEASURES A LOT MORE THAN JUST WIND SPEED: The ennoLogic anemometer eA980R registers wind speed, wind chill, air temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, barometric pressure, and altitude. With all that it’s hard to believe that this little weather station is smaller than a cell phone and easily fits into your pocket. But it’s main purpose is to deliver accurate wind readings and it does so reliably between 0.4 mph and 65 mph.
  • WANT TO TEST IF IT’S SAFE TO FLY YOUR DRONE? Press the power button, hold the anemometer into the wind and within seconds you know the wind speed. Use the Average function to get a more accurate reading in changing conditions, or the Max function to measure gusts. Whether you’re flying RC planes, drones, wings, helicopters or quadcopters – this compact ultra-light tool can help you figure out how much headwind you’re dealing with, which direction you should launch, or if it’s too windy to fly.
  • USEFUL FOR HVAC DIY WORK: Measure HVAC register flows in various rooms to help balance out your system. This anemometer does not measure cfm directly, but you can use its Average function and an online conversion tool to estimate cfm from the air speed and size of your register or grille. If your vents are the same size, you can simply use air speed as a comparative relative measurement to balance air flow of your A/C. Or check air speed before and after improvements you made.
  • LIMITATIONS TO BE AWARE OF: TEMPERATURE RESPONSE MAY BE SLOW AT ZERO AIR FLOW (5 to 10 minutes) due to the location of the sensor inside the unit. ALTITUDE is PRESSURE ALTITUDE, based on barometric pressure. It requires calibration at a known altitude to get true altitude and changes without changing your position if barometric pressure changes. BATTERY is a LIR2032 LITHIUM BATTERY (included). Replace it with a new LIR2032 or recharge it with a suitable charger. Do NOT use CR2032 batteries.
  • POWERFUL FEATURES IN A SUPER SMALL PACKAGE: 8 weather parameters. Multiple units: mph, m/s, ft/min, knots, km/h, °F, °C, %RH, inHg, mbar, hpa, ft, m. Beaufort Scale. Max, Min, Average, and Hold functions. Backlight. Auto power off with override option. Calibration function. Comes with carrying case, lanyard, LIR2032 battery and user manual. 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

Anemometer Portable Wind Speed Meter Gauge Air Volume Measuring Meter with Backlight 

  • Proster Anemometer: m/s: 0.40~30.0 ±(2.0% reading+50); ft/m: 80~5900 ±(2.0% reading+50); km/h : 1.4~108.0 ±(2.0% reading+50); mile/h: 0.9~67.0 ±(2.0% reading+50); Knots: 0.8~58.0 ±(2.0% reading+50)
  • CFM: 0 to 99990 0 to 9.999ft2; CMM: 0 to 99990 0 to 9.999ft2; CMS: 0 to 9999 0 – 9.999 m2
  • Multi-function: Reading hold, maximum, minimum, etc for Hand-held or Fixed Measurement.
  • Portable and Professional: Large LCD display backlight measuring instrument, easy to read data in dark.
  • Power Supply: 9V6F22 Battery (Included), low battery indicator with auto power off functions.

  •  Multi-Function: Data Hold Function; High Precision Pressure Sensor; Air velocity; wind speed and temperature measurement; ℃/℉ temperature selection; Current / max / average wind speed reading Data Hold Function; Auto/ Manual Power Off; Low battery indication.
  •  Mini Size& Handheld: Compact and lightweight, you can keep it in pocket. Come with a yellow protective case and wrist strap. The rubber outer case provides good protection, and the wrist strap ensures you don’t lose the anemometer in a strong wind.
  •  Suitable for different purposes: Our anemometer is ideal for home purpose such as measuring wind speed, air blower, temperature of CPU computer fans, and also can be used for windsurfing, sailing, fishing, kite flying and mountaineering. Suitable for power industry, steel industry, petrifaction industry, manufacturing industry, etc..
  •  Backlight LCD display : This handheld digital wind speed anemometer with a large LCD screen can display the data clearly. Back-light makes you easy to read and accurate in low light areas or night.
  •  Powered by a built-in 3V CR2032 battery: Take off yellow case and easy to insert it. Wind Speed Range: 0-30m/s; Wind Speed Unit: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph; Wind Temperature Range: -10~45 Centigrade (14-113F); Air Velocity: Range: 0~30m/s, 0~90km/h, 0~5860ft/min, 0~65mph, 0~55Knots.

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