Best Angle Grinders

This buyers guide details everything you need to know about the best Best Angle Grinders:

  • Super Joint System (SJS) technology helps prevent gear damage caused by accidental wheel binding
  • Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application
  • Powerful 12.0 AMP motor for increased output power in a more compact tool (5.2 lbs.)
  • Soft start feature for smooth start-ups; Labyrinth construction seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris for longer tool life
  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
  • Larger and improved carbon brush material for longer tool life
  • Powerful 12 AMP motor design for increased output power in a more compact tool


  • Very good multi use tool to have if you have the right blade for the job.From grinding, cutting to polishing stone.

 DEWALT DWE402K 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Angle Grinder Kit

Although I do the majority of my angle grinder work with a 7″ grinder, I also do a fair amount of work with a “small” angle grinder. I purchased this as a replacement for a Milwaukee 4 1/2″ angle grinder. This grinder has noticeably more power, is more comfortable to use, and one feature I really like is the use of a large allen wrench to tighten/loosen the wheel nut. Most other grinders require you use a spanner wrench AND a shaft wrench.

This grinder has a spindle lock button, and a single allen wrench (included) to tighten/loosen the wheel nut. It’s a very simple and slick solution to the hassle of having to use two different wrenches to change wheels/discs.About the only CON I can see so far is that there is a safety “lock” on the paddle on/off switch which is awkward/difficult to manipulate when wearing gloves, and tends to “stick” when it gets dirty from grinding swarf/dust. If you  use grinders everyday, and likely put more work on one in a year then most people would in a lifetime.

The significant advantage of this device is a 3-year warranty. If the manufacturer gives such a guarantee, then you can be sure of the quality of this his instrument.

Angle grinders are simple tools. All the major manufacturers basically offer slight variation of the same design.I had a hard time deciding whether I needed this and as a result spent a lot of time here and at Home Depot researching this.

For 4.5″ grinders you’re basically choosing these things:

Switch: Thumb/paddle/trigger switch, locking/non-locking
Motor: Usually 7/7.5A (~3.5lbs) or 10/11A (~4.5lbs)
Miscellaneous: Tool-less guard adjustment etc


The closest competitors that I saw were the milwaikee 6130-33 and Dewalt D28110. Both of these have locking thumb switches. I thought milwaukee’s switch is too small and flimsy feeling but I like the easily adjustable guard. The Dewalt has a larger and sturdier feeling switch but is heavier for a 7 Amp grinder at 4.1lbs.

Makita’s 4-1/2” Cut-Off/Angle Grinder combines 7.5 AMP power with comfort and motor-protection features for longer-lasting industrial performance. The 9557PB Angle Grinder delivers 11,000 RPM, with soft start for smooth start-ups. The Cut-Off/Angle Grinder also features a range of durability features including labyrinth construction which seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris for longer tool life, as well as a protective zig-zig varnish engineered to seal the armature from dust and debris.

Ease-of-use features include an extra large paddle switch for comfortable operation, and a lock-on/off feature for continuous operation. The 9557PB weighs only 4.5 lbs., with a side handle that can be easily installed on either side of the tool. In addition, the ‘tool-less’ wheel guard adjustment provides easy clamping. This grinder also has an AC/DC switch for use with alternative-power sources.

The 9557PB is a versatile and powerful grinder engineered for cutting, grinding and polishing applications.

The 9557PBX1 is a kit that includes the Angle Grinder, 5 4-1/2” grinding wheels, metal tool case, cut-off and grinding wheel guards, as well as a Makita Diamond Blade with turbo rim engineering for constant contact with material for a smoother cut and finish.

This tool has what I think is the ideal switch for a grinder – paddle switch. It runs the entire length of the tool so it doesn’t limit how you can hold it but means that anytime you let go the tool is going to stop. It has a small latch, positioned in the middle that must be flipped before the paddle switch turns the tool on. This becomes natural after a few uses and prevents the tool from coming on accidentally when you put it down. Thumb switches by contrast, either require you to hold the tool in a very specific way, or force you to reach for the switch to turn it off. For a hand tool this powerful that’s not ideal.So far I’ve only used it once to help a friend with rust on his car but given Makita’s solid reputation (close or equal to Dewalt/Milwaukee) .

this tool  includes a great case, 5 grinding disks and the diamond cutter. All round I think this is the best angle grinder out there.Assembly was reasonably easy  it’s a little fiddly at first to hold down the lock pin while removing or adding a wheel, but otherwise it’s pretty straight-forward.The dust shield was a little challenging to get on as well but I think both will get easier as I get used to using them. By the way, the dust shield is a definite necessity if you are doing anything dusty…. I wouldn’t work without it now. I’m adding photos of the floor from when I started as well as one of the finished floor some of the thinset just would not come off with any beating with a hammer … so I did a combination of knocking the loose stuff with the hammer than finishing with the grinder.The only thing I wish I had known (unrelated to this grinder) was that the expelling chute was a LOT smaller than the hose end on my shop-vac – thank heavens for Duct Tape!!!! I’ll have to get an adapter for future use and the dust clogged the shop vac filter so  i had to clean it off several times… but none of that is the fault of the grinder or dust hood.


PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 6.0-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

 First thing I noticed, it’s not too much bigger than my Bosch which I loved for its ergonomics (I use my grinder about five or six days a week). It ain’t clunky or cheap feeling either. Nice weight, feels good in my hands, doesn’t wear me out using it for hours at a time. The handle does seem to be angled farther forward than the Bosch which I didn’t think I’d like but it doesn’t bother me too much. The handle does feel a lot cheaper than my old grinder but not a big deal since it is cheaper after all.

The cord came wrapped up real tight so I’ll have to spend some time training it not to curl up since it seems to want to curl into the disc when I’m moving it/sitting it down. Kind of annoying but that’ll go away before long.The motor feels way stronger than my Bosch did but that’s probably just cause this grinder is brand new and my Bosch had over a thousand hours of hard labor on it and I forgot what that thing was like out of the box.

One gripe everybody mentioned is the stupid guard. I love the quick release on the guard since you had to unscrew the guard on the Bosch, but I didn’t need a bag of guards for each task back then. I could switch from rock to cutting disc and back to my rock without problems. I never had a need for different “types” of guards. And of course this one didn’t come with the Type 1 you apparently need for a cutting disc. The reason the Type 27 guard won’t work for cutting discs is because it tapers at the top. Take the guard and lay it flat on a real sturdy table, grab you a hammer, and spend a few minutes tapping around the small hole where it connects. Do this till it’s flat. Now put it back on and guess what, you got a Type 1 guard. Now I can switch between cutting and grinding wheels without rubbing. It ain’t a big deal.I like this grinder.


  • Great tool for the moneys.Excellent tool and you get what you paid for.

As power tools have become more advanced, angle grinders also have improved. While users are cheering these technological advancements, safety professionals are becoming much more concerned. Having twice as much power in the same-size tool has especially increased the industry wide demand for non-locking paddle switch grinders. With user safety in mind, the new SKIL 9296-01 non-locking paddle switch grinder automatically turns off when released or dropped. Unlike traditional grinders where there is a locking slide power switch on the top or side of the tool, the non-locking paddle power switch on the SKIL 9296-01 can be found on the bottom of the tool, right where you hold onto it. This way, the tool is powered when you are ready to use it and automatically turns off when released.

Additional features included on the SKIL 9296-01 grinder are a 3-position vibration reducing handle that allows you to safely and comfortably hold onto the tool without excessive vibration, an 8-foot rubber cord that is not only more durable, but provides better maneuverability, on-tool wrench storage keeps the blade wrench conveniently tucked into the handle so it won’t get lost, and the tool-less guard adjustment lets you quickly and easily replace your grinder wheel. All these features and more are built into the powerful SKIL 9296-01 7.5-amp grinder that also happens to weigh less than 5-pounds. Its light weight, coupled with the vibration reducing handle, reduces user fatigue while grinding and sanding various materials, cleaning metals, sharpening blades, etc. The SKIL 9296-01 includes one SSKIL 9296-01 paddle switch angle grinder, one metal grinding wheel, one anti-vibe side-assist handle, and one spanner wrench.

  • 6.2 Amp motor with 980W of max output power for tough grinding jobs
  • Spindle lock for quick and easy disc and accessory changes
  • Trigger lock-on for comfortable, continuous operation
  • Class leading overload durability for increased tool life and reliability
  • Left-mounted slide switch with quick-off feature for added safety
  • Removable, forward-canted side handle for improved control and comfort for right and left-handed users
  • Compact and lightweight at 4.0 lbs for greater control and maneuverability, especially in overhead applications

In Conclusion

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