Best CCTV Tester

Wsdcam 7 inch 1080P  CCTV Tester 

 -Compatible with almost all models’ IP cameras, such as Dahua, HIKVISION, Samsung and Axis
-PoE DC48V power output, Max power 24W,12V /2A power output/5V 2A power output, as a power bank
-UTP cable, telephone cable’s sequence and connectivity test.
-HDMI signal output, support 1080p display image, record and snapshot
-CVBS loop test, the tester send and receive color bar generator signal ,to check BNC cable
-Enhanced Color bar generator, PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator
-Video level meter, peak video signal level, SYNC signal level, Color bar chroma level measurement
-Cable tracer, find a connected cable from mess cables by tone generator
-POE/DC12V voltage and power measurement
-IP discovery, it can auto-scan the whole network segment IP, and auto-modify tester’s IP address
-It supports batch editing IP address
-IP & Analog cameras, dual window test
-Tester, android version mobile phone and PC display at the same time by TesterPlay
-Screen capture, you can capture screen interface in any time
-4K video files and MKV/MP4 media files play
-Drop-down OSD menu and self-define shortcut menu
-Shortcut button
-Dhcp server
-Audio in /out, support record and save the audio
-12V 2A power output and USB 5V power output
-8GB SD card included
-Lithium Ion Polymer 7.4V/6600mAh Battery, working time lasts 16 hours

  • 7 inch 1920*1200 resolution retina display touch screen IP & Analog (Not HD) tester. Do not support CVI TVI SDI AHD Cameras.
  • Built-in WIFI, create WIFI hotspot.10/100M Lan Port, H.265/H.264, 4K video display via mainstream.
  • HDMI input and output, 1080p. Self-installing Android APPs, pls just install APPs on cameras to keep the system stable.
  • RJ45 cable TDR test(for RJ45 cable only). IP discovery. Rapid Onvif, auto login and view video, creating testing report.
  • PoE power output. ONVIF PTZ control, video record and playback, screen snapshot 4xzoom

Electop 5 Inch CCTV Tester

  • Developed for the on-site installation and maintenance of Analog Camera (CVBS) and HD Coaxial Camera, having TVI,CVI, AHD. (NOT Support IP Camera).
  • High-resolution 5.0 inches 800 (RGB) x480 wide viewing angle display, Viewing angle larger, more intuitive and easy to display the camera image quality. Support PAL/NTSC standard video signal
  • Video monitor tester built-in Pelco-D / P PTZ control protocol,etc. , through its own RS485 interface, the user can control the PTZ up, down, left, right rotation, and adjust one machine zoom, focus,aperture size. Multi-format video OUT port image generator, sending a variety of standard (e.g. PAL, NTSC) color graphics section
  • Power the camera with DC12V (1A) power output from the tester. It is helpful for demo and testing when the power supply is not available.
  • Rechargeable: Built-in 18650 2600mA battery, after charging 3-4 hour, working time lasts 11 hours.

  • The new AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS Camera tester is developed for AHD/TVI/CVBS camera device, with Video display, DC12v output power, Audio test, 480*272 resolution, and multilingual OSD
  • It Supports 720P & 960P & 1080P & 3mp & 4mp & 5mp AHD/TVI cameras, and 3mp/4mp HD CVI Cameras
  • It has built-in 2600mA Lithium-ion battery with UTP cable testing, analog video test, LED emergency lighting, and 5V/1A emergency power output for power supply
  • The brightness and contrast and color saturation can be adjusable,It also can be used for charging mobile phone.
  • The new tester designed with easy operation and portability makes it simple for a cctv technician or installer to install and maintain CCTV systems, improving work efficiency by reducing time in the field

Equipped with 2600mAh Li-polymer battery, which has RoHS & CE certification
Device can work 7 hours after a single charge
12V 1A Output function can be helpful when no external power supply for the camera
Video test Automatically identification with access AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS Video signal
Automatic identification NTSC/PAL Format image signal
2600mAh li-polymer battery
High capacity li-polymer battery, charge time 4 hours, and work time 11 hours
DC12 1A power output
Provide camera power temporary
Network Cable test

Evertech Cctv Multi-function Tester 

If you ever have to install or maintain outdoor video cameras, the Evertech CCTV Multifunction Tester Pro is a must have. In the past I would either have to climb up and down a ladder many times, or use 2-way radios to talk to someone inside looking at a monitor – is it focused now? how about now? This device saves you time and allows you to work alone. The tester will generate 12volts at one amp. This is more than adaquate, as most cameras operate in the 500-700 milivolt range. If power is already run to the camera, use it, but if not, the CCTV tester will power the camera. Plug in the included BNC cable to the camera, and to input on the tester. Now you see on the tester just what the camera sees, so you can set frame and adjust the focus. The video is displayed at 960 x 240. If this was all the tester did, it would still be worth it, but it has so many other features. You can check sound output with the included audio cable. If you run PTZ cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) the Tester will query the camera and report its ID and protocall (Supports 20 or so PTZ camera types). Then you can adjust all camera functions from the tester. It also has a colorbar generator for checking monitors in both NTSC and PAL (11 or so types). The Tester also checks tel and ethernet cable, and comes with a cable-end tester for this. The Tester also has Volt/Ohm meter capabilities – but here is where you have to be careful. I have noticed that there are 2 models of the Tester out there – one with Volt/Ohm function and the other does not have this feature. This is a nice feature, as you can check AC/DC volts and continuity. A quick way to tell if the model you are looking at has the Volt/Ohm feature – look towards the bottom of the tester for 4 holes – this is where the probes would plug in. If they are not there, this model lacks the feature. One other note about battery life – this unit uses a 3.7v Li-Ion batt at 3000Ah. The makers claim 12 hours of use on a 4 hour charge. This seemed a little over stated to me, but I have used it several times – probably for 2 hours total, and the battery full icon has not moved off of Full! You can use the Tester with the supplied plug-in power adapter, and it will continue to charge the battery – just at a slower rate.
In conclusion – buy it! and tell your buddy at the other end of the 2-way radio that you don’t need him any more!

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