Best Cordless Drills

When you’re trying to find the right cordless drill, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices and for some, especially inexperienced users, trying to figure out all the features and decide which ones you want or need, it can be downright frustrating. Everything you need to know about finding the right cordless drill is right here so you don’t have to look on multiple sites to gain an understanding of what to look for. After talking to expert users, and doing a lot of internet research, we’ve compiled this informative review for you.


In this review, we’ll cover the top three cordless drills that are in the top three on many review sites and explain why they are so popular. You’ll learn the features of each one and what they are best suited for. Spend your time wiseley and don’t waste it going from site to site trying to see which drill is the best. Everything you need to know is right here, all in one place. The objective we have when writing our reviews is to educate you on what makes a great cordless drill so even if you’re inexperienced in using them, you can have confidence in the knowledge we’ve provided you and use that to make the best choice for your drilling needs. All drills are not created equal and we’ll explain the differences in an easy to understand way that will make your choice much easier.

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver KitThis is a quality product at a decent price. This model probably falls into the category of a little overkill for home use, but not what a professional would buy, if they were going to use it every day.We wanted to buy our daughter something that would last a long time, taking into consideration how often SHE will use it. She is 40 with 4 children, ranging from 5 to 19. Daddies are not around. This tool complimented a large selection of tools that we bought for her a couple months earlier. We also bought a nice kit of drill bits and screwdriver bits, etc. to go with the drill/driver. She has had it for about a year and no problems. She said, “It is a little heavy.” but since she is a massage therapist, we figured she could handle it. She has strong hands and arms.

It’s a Dewalt! The batteries don’t quite last as long as I would like them to, but when at full power this thing rocks.. I like that it has an adjustable setting so that my screws don’t get too tight. the carrying bag wil ‘barely’ fit both batteries and the drill, and no way will it fit the charger too. Batteries take about 45min to 1hr for a full charge which is fairly quick. So all in all the bag could be a little larger to accomodate everything, and the batt’s could last a little longer, but I am still happy with the unit.

Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

This drill is a beast. DEWALT products have never let me down, and so far this drill is no exception. First of all, it’s an amazing deal. At nearly $90 for one replacement battery, even just the two 1.5mah batteries that this unit comes with should be more expensive than the whole kit. Instead for just over $100 you get two batteries, a fast charger, a soft case and the of course the drill. Frankly if I had other DEWALT 20V tools, I’d buy this kit just for the batteries.

This drill is a no-nonsense drill. There are very few bells and whistles, just a workhorse powerful drill with great batteries. It’s extremely small and lightweight, probably half of the weight I’m used to holding with normal NiCad battery drills. However after getting used to the lighter weight of the battery, it feels balanced and stable, with a good fit for my larger hands.

But it has at least the same amount of punch of a bigger heavier drill, lasting longer with no fade. I love that this drill performs at 100% and dies quickly – the performance is strong until the end. And with the fast charger, by the time battery A is dead, battery B is fully charged and ready to go. The batteries also seem to hold their charge for indefinite periods of time.

One feature I like is the light (the one bell and/or whistle this drill has). I’ve had other drills with lights – that’s nothing new. However, in a few different models, the light would only operate when the trigger was being pulled. If I’m lining up a bit or a screw in a circumstance that requires light, it’s not easy to do if the drill is spinning. This light stays on for ~10 seconds after the trigger is released, allowing you to tap the trigger to engage the light, line up the bit or screw, and resume drilling/driving.The build quality is great. The drill feels solid and strong. My only complaint is the plastic chuck. While I’ve had no trouble getting up to 1/2″ bits into the chuck firmly, it feels cheap – much cheaper than the black metal DEWALT chuck I’m used to. But I guess with this product they had to cut corners somewhere, and if I can still firmly grip a bit, I don’t care what the chuck is made out of.

Bosch 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit 

The Bosch DDB181 is the industry’s most compact and lightest weight 18-Volt basic-duty 1/2-Inch drill/driver. With its compact and lightweight design, professionals can drill or drive fasteners overhead or in tight spaces fatigue free. More compact than many competitive 12-Volt tools, the DDB181 is ideal for electricians, plumbers and HVAC tradesman looking for a solution that not only fits in their pouch, but can handle most everyday tasks with 18-Volt battery power. The DDB181 works at two speeds– 400 RPM and 1,300 RPM (no load) –and provides 350 inch/pounds of torque, which is enough to drive most common fasteners and drill bits.

The Bosch DDB181-02 includes:

(1) DDB181 1/2-Inch Compact Drill/Driver, (1) Screwdriving Bit, (2) 1.5Ah Slimpack Batteries, (1) Charger, (1) Contractor Bag

  • COMPACT: Most compact cordless 18-Volt power Drill Driver, 3 lbs of lightweight design allows for optimal handling in even the tightest spaces
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightest weight 18V cordless battery powered compact Drill Driver for more efficiency and less fatigue during the toughest impact drilling or screw driving applications
  • HIGH TORQUE AND SPEED: At only 3 lbs, the Bosch DDB181-02 provides 350 lbs. of optimized torque for powerful fastening and 1300 RPM for fast, efficient power drilling
  • CONVENIENCE: includes LED light Illuminating the darkest work spaces and contractor bag for portability making the Bosch DDB181-02 the complete power tool
  • VARIABLE SPEED: 2 speed transmission, one for heavy duty projects and one for speed, provides both optimized torque and efficiency for powerful screw driving and precise drilling

BLACK+DECKER LD120VA 20-Volt Max Lithium Drill/Driver

Surprisingly powerful. I used it to drill 3 inch deck screws into 2 inch cedar for 2 hours straight. While the unit will heat up over time, it cools down quickly. But more importantly, it is powerful enough to do that job well without any issues at all. I am totally satisfied with it. It is also more compact and lighter than the 18V Black & Decker I owned before. Yet outperforms that old 18V by a wide margin.I ordered this drill as I had some home repair projects to do. I already had a B&D Trimmer, which I really like too. So I already had a few extra
batteries for back-up. (never needed to use them).
I have been pleasantly surprised at the torque power. The battery lasted over 4 hours, and was going strong when I had finished my project.

This thing battles along really well. I am surprised. It has built a lot of stuff since I have bought it. I probably have over 50 hours of operating time behind it now. It has helped me build some beds, desks, storage boxes, shelves and a garden. My only complaint is that it only comes with one battery – make sure to order a second one so you don’t end up being forced to take breaks – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE PUNCHING THROUGH METAL OR HARDWOOD/COMPOSITES!

I did notice that the drill can get quite hot. I read a few reviews that say units burn out. I think if you do not pay attention here you can kill the drill if you are not careful, the good news is, it does not get hot often, and when it does it does not take long for it to cool back down with the way the vents are set up.My advice is – if you want something really heavy duty you may want to get a brand better known for that. Dewalt for example – will be a much sturdier drill than this. However, if you want a cheap drill tThis drill is not meant to build a house, but it sure is an excellent tool to have to do jobs around the house.The added bits are nice too.

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill / Driver

Since 1910, Black & Decker has been setting the standard for innovation and design of power tools, accessories, outdoor yard care equipment, home cleaning products, automotive and lighting products, hardware, and other home improvement products. The inventor of the first portable electric drill with pistol grip and trigger switch, Black & Decker has evolved from a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland to a global manufacturing and marketing powerhouse with a broad line of quality products used in and around the home and for commercial applications. With its bright colors and swirly lines it looks like something Roger Rabbit would use. If you’ll note in the first photo below, the barrel is somewhat shorter than the average cordless drill. It is attractive. I like the look of the new flat battery packs as opposed to the older, clunky “stick-type” batteries. I noted that this drill is 20V which, you would think would make it more powerful but, in looking at the torque rating, it’s not necessarily so.

Now, just to make a comment on one of the most frequent complaints in other reviews. A lot of reviewers are complaining about the bit not being held tightly in the chuck. Firstly, take a look at the the second photo below. Please note that the icon of the screw is uppermost on the barrel. This is important when chucking in a bit as it ensures maximum torque and tightness. If you have “10” or any other number at the top of the barrel, you are in a “torque setting” which is used when driving screws. This means that when you achieve a certain tension, the clutch will slip and fail to tighten the chuck further. If you hear a clicking sound when tightening the chuck around a bit, then you need to adjust the ring so the screw icon is on top. Also, note in the photo, that I am wearing leather gloves. Frequently, when hand-tightening the chuck, it will escape your grip (after all, we’re not as strong as gorillas) and spin, burning your hand. Because of this, most of us don’t exert all the pressure we’re capable of. With gloves protecting your hands, if it slips, you don’t get burned and you’re capable of tightening your grip and getting maximum holding power between the chuck/bit. The holding power of the chuck is dependent entirely upon the tightness of “YOUR” grip when inserting the bit and holding the chuck ring. I think that the majority of the complaints pertaining to this problem would be solved if the above two suggestions were followed. Nothing in the construction of the drill I received would lead me to believe that it is some kind of manufacturing deficiency.

Upon unboxing this drill at a friends house his wife thought it looked “cute” and felt it would be a good addition to their kit (they frequently go to numerous flea markets throughout Texas and carry basic tools with them). Being smaller, it would take up less room in their trailer. You might have noted that I mentioned this is a good womans drill in my title blurb. The reason for this is the drill handle being smaller than a normal battery operated drill. It’s still big enough for a man but, being smaller, it will be easier for the average female to handle than most drills. It is also lighter than the average drill which, I think most women could appreciate.

I decided I would test this drill for both overall power and battery life. To do this I decided upon a series of tests of what I felt were of gradually escalating difficulty. While these tests may be pertinent to my particular situation, only you can decide if they are a “fit” to your situation and expected usage of the product.

Incidentally, for my tests, even though I typically use hardwood, I felt that since White Pine is the lumber that most homeowners commonly use, it would be more appropriate for my tests and, since 3/4″ stock is far and away the most common lumber that I would utilize this thickness. My results were as follows:

  • Drill Three 1/4″ holes through 3/4″ stock with a brad point bit – Accomplished
  • Drill Three 1/2″ holes through 3/4″ stock with a brad point bit – Accomplished
  • Drive Three 3/8″ Lag Bolts through previous 1/4″ holes in 3/4″ stock – Accomplished
  • Drill Three 5/8″ holes through 3/4″ stock with Forstner Bit – Accomplished
  • Drill Three 7/8″ holes through 3/4″ stock with Spade Bit – Accomplished

At this point, I was expecting the charge to be gone from the batteries. Using a spade bit is difficult and draining on any drill.  I increased the size of the spade bit to 1 3/8″ (a very large hole indeed) and the stock thickness to 2″ stock (nomimal 1 5/8″, a two by four). My intention was to continue to drill holes to the point of refusal of the battery to rotate the drill. Results as follows:

Drill 1 3/8″ holes through 1 5/8 ” stock til failure – 3 1/2 holes Accomplished

Now, to be truthful, when I stopped, the battery was still rotating the chuck and bit but, it was starting to bog down. In other words, battery failure was imminent. Could I have finished the 4th hole? Yeah, probably I could have abused the tool and forced it to finish but, it didn’t have much left. Also, even though I was wearing leather gloves, I could feel a lot of heat at the barrel (after all, these tests were done with no interruptions) and it was apparent to me that to continue, I would probably smoke the motor, which made no sense to me. You can take my word for it.This drill would not have finished a 5th hole without catastrophic failure. By the way, I do not recommend using spade bits with a hand-held drill. They are particularly hard on a drill and, although I rarely use them, I only use them in my drill press. The only reason I utilized them in this testing was because I knew they would put a substantial drain on the battery. Especially using a large diameter bit like the 1 3/8″ comes very close to the definition of abusing your tools so, if you can avoid it, I suggest not subjecting your drill to loads such as this..


I believe that this is drill that is well suited to the home handyman. Would it be a good drill for a professional that needed it for use daily?

Probably not, although it might last a while. I also think a pro would want a drill with a little more torque and definitely more drilling speed. However, even though the listed torque is low, while I was drilling the largest holes with the spade bit, when it caught in the hole it had enough torque to spin my wrist around (and I’m 6’4″ and 210 lbs) so, it should be adequate for most of us. I also think that because of it’s reduced weight it would be an ideal drill for a woman and I think the manufacturers did a good job of “splitting the difference” in designing a grip that is both large enough for a big man (though just barely) and small enough to be comfortable for the average woman.

Caveat: As I told you earlier, one of the reasons I got this drill was because of all the contradictory reviews (it piqued my curiousity). I think almost 20% of the reviews have some complaint about this product. If you do decide to purchase, make sure that you do test and inspect your drill closely to make sure that none of the issues mentioned in other reviews are present in your purchase. Based upon the product I received, it is apparent to me that Black & Decker is capable of making a quality product however, DO inspect yours prior to the expiration of the return window. With this caveat, I can recommend this cordless drill.

I hope that this review, since it addresses issues outside of others comments, was of some help to you.

TEENO Cordless Drill Set 16.8V Lithium  Drill Driver Kit 

  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Easy To Use In Tight And Confined Spaces
  • Ideal for drilling into wood, metal plastic and all screw driving tasks
  • Batterie : 2 batteries Lithium Ion 16.8V
  • Composition of the lot: 1*Drill + 2*Batteries + 35*Accessories + 1*Professional Gloves + 1*Universal Head+ 1*Plastic Case + 1*Charger +1*Waist buttons
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