Best Electric Log Splitters

An electric log splitter can do in a fraction of the time what a man with an axe, a wedge, and a heavy hammer would have spent hours hoping to accomplish. These mighty devices convert electric power into force, offering anywhere from two to eight tons of crushing power depending on the model you choose. As you will have guessed, at the eight-ton range, you can expect to pay many hundreds of dollars for an electric log splitter; on the other end of the spectrum, though, you can find log splitters costing between two and there hundred dollars that will be absolutely sufficient for splitting logs measuring near two feet in length. This is about as large as almost any residential fireplace could handle anyway.

Characteristics of Best Electric Log Splitters


Designed and engineered to provide power in tough working conditions, Champion offers durable and reliable products for your power needs.


With a convenient handle and never-flat tires the compact design makes it easy to move from one job to the next.

Low Profile”

Designed to fit in most truck beds but also comes with a 2 inches ball coupler. Tow at speeds of up to 45 mph.

Best Electric Log Splitters on 2018

Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter 

The Champion Power Equipment 90720 7-Ton Horizontal Gas Log Splitter is small on size but big on power. If you’re looking for a quick, dependable and portable solution for log splitting, this is the unit for you. Depend on the reliable recoil start to start up the powerful Champion 80cc single-cylinder OHV engine, which features a cast-iron sleeve, a 0.4-gallon fuel tank, 0.4-quart oil capacity (recommended 10W-30) and a low-oil shutoff for safety. Never struggle to lift a large, heavy log onto your log splitter again. The low-profile design makes it much easier to load a large log onto the splitting beam, and the integrated log cradle keeps the log safely in position. This small but mighty machine handles logs up to 19 inches long, weighing up to 50 pounds. Seven tons of splitting capacity deliver the power you need for the job at hand. The hydraulic oil system has a 1.3-gallon oil capacity and operates at 3 gpm to power through tough logs. Champion designed this log splitter with a skewed wedge to increase splitting efficiency, plus it has a 20-second cycle time and dependable auto-return valve, which is capable of 180 cycles per hour. The 2-stage gear pump reliably adjusts flow and pressure by delivering high flow/low pressure when there is no resistance and low flow/high pressure when cutting through a log to increase productivity. This log splitter will fit easily in any truck bed, plus it’s easy to move from one job to the next with the comfortable handle and 10-inch never-flat tires. Assembly and setup are hassle free with Champion’s clear directions and thoughtful packaging. This log splitter is EPA certified and CARB compliant. Buy with confidence – our reliable support and network of service centers will back your purchase up with a 2-year limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support.

  • Chemical Resistant – For use with water, salt water, waste water, mild acids and bases
  • Powerful – 154 gallons per minute maximum delivery volume
  • Reliable – Powered by a 196cc Champion OHV engine
  • Clear water fittings included.Wedge material:Hardened steel
  • Champion Support – 2 year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support

I just bought the Boss Splitter a few weeks ago. I live in the mountains in CA and the drought and bark beetles are killing millions of trees here right now. I had to have a 250 foot pine tree cut down because the bark beetles got it. The logs that I have been splitting are very green and full of water. The largest log that the splitter has gone through so far is one that was 16 inches long and 22 inches round and the boss went right though it without any problem. I have split about 30 logs so far all of them were 16 inches long and the circumference varied from 17 round all the way up to 22 inches round. The boss has handled all of these logs without any problem. I have also used the splitter to split kindling all the way down to 1/2 inch wide pieces. I use cedar as my kindling because it splits really good!I bought the 7-ton Boss splitter to handle a load of fir logs. The unit is advertised to handle 10-inch logs, 20.5″ long. I cut my logs to 16″, but they ranged up to ~12″ diameter. The ES7T20 handled the larger diameter w/o a problem, unless there were a lot of big knots.

Most pieces split easily. I built two small tables to hold the pieces when I split larger logs. I just grabbed the pieces from small logs and put them onto my cart. It was handy to have the tables to hold pieces that required a second split to reach the size I prefer for my stove. I attached a foot pedal to actuate the control valve. That small mod, completely unapproved by the manufacturer, made it a lot easier to use the splitter.I had a hydraulic oil leak from the seal on the control handle. Replacing the o-ring with the next larger size reduced, but did not eliminate the leak.Overall, I believe the ES7T20 is a good value, and I would recommend it to a friend.

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Of course I read the reviews before I bought this machine, and now that I’ve used it, I think there are some misconceptions to clear up. This is my second log splitter–I built one with a 13 hp Honda engine, and it’s very fast and very competent, so this electric model is definitely the little one. One of the first misconceptions is that splitters need tremendous force to do their job. That force comes from having a large diameter hydraulic cylinder, which causes the splitter to have a slow cycle time.

That’s a simple relationship–big cylinder means slower movement with more force. My big splitter has about the same size cylinder as this little electric–2-1/2″, which means they are both in the range of 6 to 7 tons of available force. That’s plenty for all of the wood I use, which is mostly spruce. The diameter of the wood really doesn’t matter much–more about that later, but the electric splitter can handle much bigger diameter than the advertised 10″ or so. The cycle time is OK-ish. The main issue with how fast you can work is actually in the handling of the wood anyway..

Operating position. I tried to use it on the floor of my shop, and ended up setting it in the back of my pickup. The height is right, the handling is easier, and the split chunks land in the truck so I can move them easier. It helped a lot.

Using the splitter with a generator. I bought this splitter for a friend who lives in a remote camp. It will be powered by his little Honda EU2000i portable generator, so I was concerned that the generator might not be able to handle the load. Turns out that the hard part is starting the motor. The generator lugs down briefly when I hit the motor switch, but handles the actual splitting with no problem at all. After splitting a pickup load of cottonwood and spruce ranging up to about 18″ diameter, I’m comfortable with telling him the generator can handle it.

  • Reliable 2 HP, copper-wound motor uses household current; No problems with cold starts or gas shortages; quieter, less expensive; Plug it in and go!
  • Safety first! Operation requires two hands to keep hands clear of the ram while fume free electric power allows for usage both indoors and outdoors
  • Built-in log cradle/guide keeps logs on track for even splitting of logs up to 10″ in diameter and 20.5″ in length
  • Portable with two comfort grip handles and 6″ tires. Hydraulic pressure : 3000 PSI
  • CSA approved with a two-year WEN warranty. refer the Page 17 on user guide for Trouble shooting steps

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton

I wanted to let people know what my experience has been with this so far. I was skeptical like many others based on the low cost and the couple negative reviews. First let me say that I think a couple of the negative folks may have got a lemon. To the gentleman that has a hard time going through any logs at all, you have a lemon or you work for a competitor! Granted, I only got this yesterday. But let me tell you what this splitter has done thus far. I cleared about a half acre of black birch, oak, maple and some pine. I unpacked this thing and started small and easy. Within 10 minutes I was up to 24″ diameter fresh cut oak and this thing was splitting these logs like they were nothing. I kept expecting this thing to at least bog down a little with the big stuff, but nothing. Even knotty pieces were fairly easy. So power is plentiful and a non issue for me.

This thing executed splitting very similar to the big gas splitter I rented a couple of weeks ago. So the power is there folks. Do keep in mind that there is a bleed valve nut that needs to be loosened every time you use the machine and then re-tightened when not in use.

I was also concerned about power draw and thickness of power cord and tripping breakers. Well I was again very surprised. I strung two average extension cords together for testing purposed to a regular 15 amp circuit. Now this setup does not and should not meet the manufacturers minimum specs. But guess what? I proceeded to split logs with ease with no power issues at all. I was afraid I was going to have to run a dedicated circuit for this thing. No worries any more on that front.

The draw backs mentioned in some of the other more thorough reviews are right on the money. The throw on this is bit short. Like someone mentioned in another post, it is nothing that a piece of 4×4 as a spacer wont remedy, but it is slightly annoying. The wedge itself could be a little wider as well. So I do find myself having to finish pulling the split apart by hand if there is any material left holding the log together. Not a big deal.


Yes, the wheels are too close together, so be careful pulling it behind you. If the surface is not smooth it will easily tip over. Again, not a big deal.As far as a stand in concerned, yes you will want one. I can point you to a really cheap one. It’s called two upright logs. I placed mine on top of the flats of two 20″ logs and it worked flawlessly.This also comes with a shield to install that forces two-handed operation as a safety feature. I was happy to leave this off and enjoy one-handed operation. That is up to you.I do hope very much that this product holds up over time. If it does, I feel like I made a great purchase. And that is the feeling we all strive for isn’t it? Nothing worse than regret of a big purchase. And that’s why I took the time to place this review. Because I almost did not buy this based on a couple of the negative reviews that I see do not paint an accurate picture of this unit.

Boss Industrial EC5T20 Electric Log Splitter

Like many others I spent a few days looking at different splitters and watching Youtube before I made a purchase. I already own a 22 ton gas splitter and probably burn 2-3 cords of wood per year. I burn hickory and oak mostly but also the occasional black walnut and pecan. I did not  buy this to replace my gas splitter but a supplemental piece to see how it would work.
I split one truckload of pin oak yesterday afternoon and today. This was a HUGE limb, 3 truckloads out of one limb, so you can imagine how big the tree is. It ranged from almost 24″ across down to the smaller limbs. The limb fell in April, in Alabama, and was cut up and left on the ground in early November so it is what I would call “semi-seasoned”. Most of the bark stayed on when splitting and there was very little rot. Lengths ranged from 12″ up to 24″ and I had several pieces that were 20″ which is about the maximum size.

I unpacked the box and read the instructions, for what that was worth, and had it running in about 5 minutes. I sat the splitter on the tailgate of the truck and used a 25 foot heavy extension cord under my shop awning. As you can imagine, the splitter had trouble with very knotty pieces but no more than expected. It bogged down several times because of knots but every piece that caused it problems would have been difficult to split with a maul. I split a lot with a maul for the exercise so I know the limitations. Straight pieces without knots that were less than 12-14″ in diameter split extremely easily, as they would with a maul, and this was my main objective. I cut as much as I could into very small kindling which is difficult to do with a maul. It took me about 3 hours to split the truckload and that was with all the experimenting I was doing. Large logs needed to be split around the edges, again like a maul, but the splitter worked just fine even with the 20″ diameter pieces.The only real negative I can say after two days is that the Ram is too small. Pieces that are not cut straight can tend to pop off the rail which can be dangerous if you aren’t ready for it. I easily solved this by using a piece of 4×4 but may try to rig up something permanent. The ram could be 2″ taller and it would be much safer.

I wanted this to be able to split kindling and as a backup for when the gas engine decides not to start. I will try to use this with a power inverter in the next month so that I can take it back into the woods and run it with my truck running. I can easily pick it up and move it around but it does weigh a little over 100 pounds so many people may need help lifting it. For just rolling it along on concrete  , imagine most people could handle it easily.


No matter what Best Electric Log Splitters  you choose, it cannot be emphasized enough that to get the most out of the tool, you have to be knowledgeable about its design. Educate yourself about how to properly set up, use, and maintain your Best Electric Log Splitters , and you’re going to see that this is the smart way to get the most out of your purchase.There’s really so much that this remarkable tool can do, so get yourself ready to experience a whole new level of precision, ease, and enjoyment in your woodworking.

Powerhouse Log Splitters XM-580 9 Log Splitter

I don’t have the room to store a gas-engine splitter, if I did, I’d recommend that option. If your storage space is limited, or you can’t tow a gas-engine splitter home, that’s why I researched the electric-engine version.
With dimensions of 40″ long, and 20″ wide, that worked. How about performance? I’m splitting red oak that was alive when cut down 2 months ago, cut up and sitting outdoors, so green and wet. I started with limb pieces up to 12″ diameter. The unit stalled on one (when overloaded the unit “trips” a hydraulic switch, automatically retracts the ram, then the electric motor must be cycles to get back to splitting).
Later in the morning, I tried that piece again and it split it just fine.
Either there’s some break-in period, or as the hydraulic fluid gets hotter, it flows better. I guess I’ll find out with the next splitting session. The largest piece I split was 32″ diameter, 14″ long. The first of these I tried to split in half as the first split. After several resets, it split. The first piece had a knot. The second piece, same dimensions, no knot, I started by splitting off a piece on the edge. That worked better, no stalls. The “US” version has two separate operating handles that must be lowered using two hands because there are too many unemployed attorneys in the US. The unit includes a handle, for the rest of the world, that connects the two levers so that you can hold the log in position while running the ram with your foot. If you can’t use this splitter without getting hurt, you needed to be out of the gene pool anyway.
The instructions don’t mention it, but there’s a wing-nut on the ram end that needs to be opened prior to operation, and closed when finished for the day. If you forget, you’ll hear the hydraulic pump really struggling. I had a few cc’s of fluid leak out, probably accounting for heat expansion.Nothing dripped on the ground, just some wetness below the fitting.

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