Best Line Lasers

This buyers guide details everything you need to know about the best Line Lasers:


what i noticed:
the magnet on this thing could pick up a car! its good in a way but in another way its so ungodly strong im always afraid the bracket holding the tool will break trying to remove it from a metal surface…the case it comes in is awesome! perfect and has room for spare batteries, there is no pendulum lock i have no idea why they didn’t include it every other laser dewalt makes has it but this one so why?
I have no idea why some people say its not calibrated mine was within 1/8″ at 30′ or even less im sorry if that happened to you.

Bosch Self-Leveling 5-Point Alignment Laser GCL 25

This is a handy laser. I purchased this in the hopes that I can have 1 laser instead of 2. There are multiple things I like about it and only a few I wish were a little better.


– I love that it can do both the 5 dot and the lines. This makes it a very convenient tool.
– It comes with the magnetic stand that has a micro adjust.
– The self leveling laser head is locked when the laser is shut off.
– It’s very accurate. compared to a co-workers pls line laser and it was spot on.
– Can do the horizontal line, vertical line, and dots separately or together.
– includes a small nylon pouch in case you just want to carry the laser around and not all the attachments.

– Kind of heavy. Overall I don’t mind the weight except the magnetic stand and laser are so heavy it will not stick to finished corner bead without sliding down.
– The laser line fades pretty quickly.


This is a great laser with only a few small shortcomings hence the 4 star rating. I have only owned this laser for a few weeks. I will update this rating if anything changes over time.

Those were:
– control over combination of lines to be on, so that was in my must have list, as this increases battery runtime, and also turning off the line not needed for specific work, reduces chances of being dazzled by laser each time you pass by.
– magnetic pendulum stabilizer, which helps to level up faster, otherwise, every time you would walk near tripod you would have to wait for laser it to calm down, which could be a quite irritating and is common thing for light construction houses in the US.
– my old level came with a tripod, which had 5/8 mounting screw, most of competitor brands that would supportthat screw size, are at expensive side.
– while my old level had mediocre projection fan out, the lines it would project were slim, so I was looking for same.
Now this Makita, it matches and it exceeds all of above, and it’s fan out coverage actually let’s almost 360 degree coverage for both planes if placed next to wall.

Additional Features

Makita also has tactile buttons, like most of brands do, but you have to cycle trough it, which increases the use, but I hope Makita as a quality brand will not have issue with that button in future. For instance Apple could design their home button to withstand 1Mclicks, so it is all about quality, that are noname are n ver about.Also, 1/4 mounting socket on unit itself is plastic, while magnetic mount has both of the brass.
Laser slits are narrow and recessed, which works well for protection, and rugged case compliments look and increases protection from a accidental drops.

SC-L07G Green Laser Level  

For years I’ve said why should I get a laser level when a plumb bob, bubble level and string is what my ancestors have been using since we moved from cave to a house? Well, after spending hours trying to get my concrete forms and slab marks level, I’m kicking myself I didn’t get this sooner. Freaking sweet! In a few minutes I could tell if my marks were off – oh boy were they.

I field tested visibility outdoors from 10′ – 15′. I could still faintly see the green laser when close but I had to put a shadow on the paper to see it well. Good enough to make marks. I might have been seen it farther out than 15′ but my test field was constrained. Maybe if I bought one of the detectors I could see even better. But as my wife said, how often will I be using this outdoors? I guess not often do I pour a footer but still cool to say I can use it outdoors and worth spending the extra $10 for the green.

Additional Features

I’ll just make my marks and turn off quicker.Only worry is this seems like a newer product, based on dates of the reviews, so I hope it lasts. I like how I can’t power off unless I flip lock to manual mode. I guess that’s to help protect the auto-level gizmos inside. Came with pretty warranty card and manufacturers seem to respond to reviews so fingers crossed on durability.

SKIL Self-Leveling 360-Degree Cross-Line Laser – LL932201

The SKIL Self-Leveling 360-Degree Cross-Line Laser projects a bright, continuous, horizontal line around an entire room, up to 65 ft. in diameter, making it easy to hang pictures at the same precise height, install chair rail molding or a wallpaper accent, and more. In addition to the 360⁰ continuous level line, it can project plumb cross lines to accurately guide a range of DIY projects.

The laser level tool automatically levels, and features intuitive indicators that let you know when your lines aren’t level. The integrated, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has a micro-USB port for charge-and-go convenience, plus green, yellow, and red LED indicators to let you know the current level of charge. The included adjustable tripod makes it a snap to position the laser lines exactly where you want them.

And for projects where you might not want your lines to be level or plumb, like specialty paint treatments or diagonal tile work, the SKIL Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser has a locking mode that lets you position the projected lines at any angle you choose.

  • PROJECTS UP TO 65 FT. – The laser level tool projects a bright red continuous horizontal line, all the way around a room, up to 65 ft. in laser distance, making it ideal for installing chair rail molding, wall paper, windows, drapery rods, and more. In addition to the 360⁰ level line, it can project plumb cross lines to accurately guide a range of DIY projects.
  • SELF-LEVELING – Our laser level automatically levels to cuts out any guesswork.
  • CONVENIENT CHARGING – The Integrated Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has a convenient micro-USB charging port and indicators that show how much battery life is left.
  • TRIPOD INCLUDED – The adjustable tripod can be raised up to a max height of 3½ ft. and lets you securely position the tool on the floor or a table.
  • PROJECT LINES AT ANY ANGLE – For projects where your lines are not level or plumb, like a diagonally tiled backsplash, the tool has a locking mode that lets you position the projected lines at any angle you choose.

It’s super easy to use and will project a single horizontal or vertical beam  over 100 ft indoors and comes with a blow moulded plastic carry case, an adjustable magnetic wall mount and a well written instruction manual.

The laser itself is self levelling and has LED lights to indicate when it’s level.The build quality of this laser is typical DeWalt, tough and durable. I’ve had mine for more than a year and it’s been dropped, kicked, fallen off ladders and cabinets and still works perfectly.

My primary use for this laser is to line up light fixtures, speakers and alarm sensors on ceilings. I also use it for hanging TVs, pictures and most recently wall tile, mouldings and even framing.

Cons: The only drawback to this laser level is that it doesn’t allow you to LOCK the laser beam in a set position, say on an angled slope for stair railing for example. I have a CST 360º Laser Level that will allow me to LOCK the laster beam in a set position even if it’s not level.

This is useful when you need to match and existing moulding or floor line that wasn’t installed level or on a patio deck when you want some slope. You can do it with the DeWalt DW088K by measuring below the level straight line but some laser levels like my CST can LOCK into a set position which can be useful. 98% of the time you won’t need this feature so in that case the DeWalt DW008K works great, but if you do need this function … this may not be the best laser level for you. I would knock off 1/2 star for not being able to lock the laser position.(we have written a guide about Impact Wrench and chainsaw).

As mentioned I have three laser levels, but if I had to choose only one … this is the one I would keep.Highly recommend  from users and the  majority of them definitely would buy this again.