Best Orbital Sanders

Best Orbital sanders are popular tools with woodworkers, cabinet makers and professional carpenters that are used to remove the finish from a piece of furniture or to smooth a new project without leaving telltale swirl marks that other sanders can leave. Orbital sanders are easy to use and every woodworker should plan on having one in their tool collection.

Having a good orbital sander on hand in your workshop will make easier work of finishing you may need on furniture you’re making or refinishing. They are super easy to use so even if you are new to sanding you can learn to use one relatively quickly. If you are already familiar with them, and have a professional business or are a contractor, you know that speed is important and a good quality orbital sander definitely can provide that.

There are many different types of sanders available and as with many types of tools, certain styles work better for certain tasks than others. Before you purchase one make sure you know what you will want to use it for. Asking yourself questions such as those listed below will help guide you in your search:

  1. What types of surfaces and materials do you work with most often?
  2. Do you want a cordless or a corded sander?
  3. What features and options are important or necessary for you?
  4. Are you using the sander for hobbies or professionally?
  5. Are you new to using a sander?

Best Orbital Sanders

Bosch OS50VC 120-Volt 3.4-Amp  Orbital Finishing Sander

I have waited for a few weeks before writing this review on my new Bosch 1/2 sheet finish sander. I now have three completed projects under my belt using this wonderful finish sander. The projects consisted of a 7-drawer rolling chest of drawers, a 2-drawer rolling tool storage unit and 7 high end maple and walnut custom cutting boards.

Here are my thoughts after these projects:

1. The dust collection when hooked up to my Festool dust collection system is astonishingly effective. There is zero dust left uncollected.

2. Perhaps even more remarkable, the supplied canister dust collector is almost as effective as the Festool dust collector. I am serious. The canister collects virtually ALL dust generated.

3. The mechanism for clamping new sanding sheets is the best I have ever seen. It is very easy for these old, arthritic hands to operate and it tensions the new sheet better than any other system I have ever used.

4. Being able to use any sand paper one desires is another nice feature. Most wood workers have their preferred brand and I am no exception. Being forced to purchase any consumable product which is only available through a tool’s manufacturer causes me to bristle. This is not the case here with this Bosch sander. It comes with a “hole punching plate”. After you have changed the sandpaper onto the tool, simply plunge it onto the hole punching plate and “goose” the trigger a couple of times, enlarging the holes as it oscillates. It works perfectly.

5. As others have commented, the vibration has been reduced significantly.

6. As one would expect from a half sheet sander, the tool is large enough to produce very flat surfaces.

7. It did take me a bit of time to get used to Bosch’s trigger lock mechanism. This is the secondary switch which locks the tool in the “on” position. Originally I felt it had been located awkwardly but after using the tool a while, I realized that it is meant to be activated with the side of the 1st knuckle of the thumb while the tool is in use.

8. Personally, I don’t fiddle with the variable speed wheel. I just don’t see the point. I either want the tool “on” or I want it “off”. When I want “less sanding”, I change the paper to a finer grit. I just haven’t come across a need for such a feature but maybe one day I will.

  • Powerful 3.4-Amp Sander: Allows for higher removal rate and maximum orbital sanding speed
  • Vibration Control: Bosch-exclusive suspension system minimizes vibration for superior handling and maximum comfort
  • Sheetloc Supreme Paper Clamping System: With paper-tensioning system for perfect paper fit- Also accepts stick-on paper
  • Variable-Speed Dial: Allows matching of speed and power to workpiece and task for best performance
  • Translucent microfilter dust canister with integrated paper filter and screw-off cap for easiest emptying

I have used the tool for everything from rough sanding all the way down to finish sanding of Varathane with 400 grit paper between coats.


This is definitely a “5-Star” worthy tool. It is versatile, powerful, well engineered, carefully manufactured and the dust collection is second to none. I have used other’s Festool sanders and I would suggest that the Bosch sanders are every bit as good as what Festool is producing.

These are amazing tools. They are effective in their sanding abilities and the dust collection is better than any other tool I have ever used previously even without a vacuum attached. I absolutely love this tool.

DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbit Sander Kit

I was looking at something that was compact, had a good center of gravity (unlike the 6″ Porter Cable where the center of gravity is off set to the side along the main body), is powerful, and provide a good dust collection bag that actually works (and we all know that some sanders come with dust collection bags but are an after thought and really collect nothing but air). Most of my power tools are Dewalt (love the 20V hammer drill and driver set) so the credible factor goes way up with me looking at Dewalt tools to use. They are affordable, are good quality, and last a long time.

After reading through the Amazon reviews of the DWE6421K I decided to order one. When the sander arrived, I plugged it in and turned it on and the first thing I noticed was that there a lot of air coming out of the dust port. I own a Dewalt DW735 planer (love this tool also) and the dust port on the DW735 is so strong that all you have to do is hook it up to a dust collector and turn on the planer, there is no need to turn on the dust collector because of the force of the planer blows dust and chip particles right into the dust collector bag. The DWE6421K sander on the start up reminded me of the DW735 planer, there was a lot of air coming out of the dust port.

I hooked up a dust bag and went to sand down an old furniture piece with a old varnish on it, I thought for sure this would plug up and bog down the sander, I was pleasantly wrong. The sander did not slow down, I didn’t have to push down so hard because the center of gravity was right over the main body. Even when I pushed down on the sander it hardly bogged down. With an 80 grit it took of the varnish with no problem. The thing that I noticed that there was very little or no dust coming out from under or the sides of the sander. I opened up the dust bag and noticed that the dust had been efficiently placed in the dust bag. I continued to sand my project from 80, 120, 150, and 220 grits and I noticed that the pig tail swirl marks were barely noticeable. I hand finished with 220 and 400 grit. When I sprayed the finish on, the project came out beautiful, and the Dewalt sander was a significant contributing factor to the great finish.

All I can say is Wow! what a great feeling, a powerful sander, that has a dust collection bag that actually works, is light, maneuverable, and is not fighting me along the way to sanding down a project. Throw in the fact that the sander is only $59.00 what a great deal. Take my word for it, I have been building fine furniture for thirty years (any Sam Maloof fans out there!) and any time I can find a tool that is efficient, affordable, easy on the body, and be subjected to the rigors of daily use, would be in my arsenal of tools on tackling those woodworking projects.

I give this sander my highest recommendation! I might actually enjoy sanding…..well, not really lol!


5″ Single Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit – H&L Pad

The DWE6421K 5″ Single Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit with hook & loop pad has a 3 amp motor that delivers 12,000 OPM. The separate counterweight reduces vibration and along with the rubber overmold grip provides comfortable sanding. A shorter design allows users to get closer to the work surface and the one-handed locking dust bag attaches securely to the sander to aid in dust collection or the user can attach the sander directly to the DWV010 or DWV012 dust collectors.

Bosch Random Orbit 5 inch Sander/Polisher 

Bosch has outdone themselves with this sander. I’m normally a Makita fan, but I decided to take the plunge on this sander after reading the reviews on it. I’m glad I did! Up until now, I’ve always considered dust collection on sanders to be a complete waste of time unless you have the shop vac hooked up to the sander. I’m going to say that Bosch has now completely changed my mind regarding this idea! That might be because as a Makita guy, I’m use to great performance on a sander with the MOST GOD AWFUL dust collection bags know to man! Anyone who has used a Makita sander will tell you they do a damn fine job, but the collection bag might as well be decoration because it sure as heck isn’t collecting the dust!

As for this Bosch sander…

Well… I will be the first to admit that I rolled my eyes at the whole micro-filtration dust collection before giving this sander its initial spin. I figured it was a waste of time, but what the heck I’d see how it worked. Suffice it to say, I quickly became a believer! What I passed off as a cheesy sales gimmick by Bosch left me absolutely speechless! I used this bad boy to refinish a bar top and I’ll be damned if the dust collection was absolutely out-of-this-world! Bosch has got an amazing thing going with that micro-filter! It REALLY did the job! Not only did it drastically cut down on the dust, but the sander did an AMAZING job at refinishing the top! I’m going to say it easily matched my Makita in terms of sanding performance, ran smoother, and did it at about 2/3rd’s the price of a similar Makita.

This sander is absolute win in my book!

  • VERSATILITY: The Bosch ROS20VSC features 2.5-Amp motor and offers variable-speed control. The variable speed dial allows you to match the speed to work piece and task
  • RELIABLE: Provides reliability during use with Bosch’s signature Hook-and-loop sanding disc attachment contains over 35,000 long-life hooks ensure firm grip of the disc, up to twice the standard number of hooks
  • DUST COLLECTION: Features a microfilter system for fine dust and trapping particles as small as a 1/2-micron in diameter. Durable and compact, the dust canister shows dust level and easily detaches for mess-free tasks
  • COMFORT: Lightweight with a soft-grip top allowing you to utilize multiple grip positions. Constant Response circuitry maintains speed and control while low-vibration operations lets you work for longer
  • SMOOTH FINISH: This sander provides a smooth finish with diminished swirl marks. Comes with a microcellular backing pad so you get the same swirl-free finish on both flat and contoured surfaces

VonHaus 5″ Inch Random Orbit Sander and Polisher 

Paid for itself on first use! A neglected antique buffet had it’s wide silverware drawer so warped, the only way to fix it was to remove some of the rock hard maple from the sides so it would slide and fit again. 3/4″ maple was no match for this sander. Took only about 20 minutes of here and there sanding and leveling, removing about 1/8″ in some spots using the supplied 80 grit disc. Drawer looks and works great again! And when I removed the dust collector, I could see it had removed and trapped a nice pile of sawdust. Very impressed. For the price, use it until it dies and simply get another. Works as well or better than those costing three times as much. Hook and loop is the only way to go. I’ll never go back to sticky paper again. And I bought a 5″ 3M interface pad to add more cushion to delicate future jobs, like sanding my car paint prep work and it should make the sander pad last a very long time, too.

First off, let me say that I received this item as a free sample. It might be easy to think that because I did not pay for it, I will not offer a thorough review. On the contrary, I take reviewing products very seriously and treat every product I buy or am given equally: this review is a result of my thorough testing and consideration. I hold to my stated opinions in this review. These opinions (including the star rating) are what I see to be fair, honest, and unbiased.

I work with a lot of power tools, and the brands I typically use are Dewalt, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Bosch, and Bostich. So when I had the chance to test out this sander from VonHaus — a brand I’d never heard of — I jumped at the opportunity. If you check out the VonHaus website, you can see that they sell mainly on Amazon and the U.K., which explains why many of us in the U.S. haven’t heard of them. From what I’ve seen in this random orbital sander, VonHaus makes a solid product.

As you can see in my video, my point of comparison is my Dewalt random orbit sander that I’ve used for many years. (Before that, I had another Dewalt sander!) The VonHaus is a little bit bigger, but it’s a LOT more powerful. It took me some time to get used to, because I’ve used a sander in which the controls are on the unit are placed directly over the sanding unit. This is significant: many sanders like this encourage you to place your hand over the sanding unit; this way, you can apply pressure directly and downward on the sanding unit. With this VonHaus sander, however, your dominant trigger-finger hand will be behind the sanding unit since that is where the controls are. Sanding with two hands allows you to move your second hand (and weight) over the sanding unit.

I would use this VonHaus on jobs that allow me to stand over my work. I probably would not use this sander to sand an old house before painting, as it would simply be too heavy for one-handed work on a ladder.

Now, as you can see in my video, this VonHaus sander made quick work of my sample sanding project — and that is entirely because it is so powerful. Set on high, it just tears through a sanding project. I plan to use this to sand my wooden stairs for this reason: it’s a big job and I don’t want it to take forever.

Note that this sander comes with some sand paper (3 different grits) and several buffing pads. All of these come in quite handy.

A few minor negatives for me:

1. This sander does not come with a hard case. I prefer tools with hard cases simply because I like to toss my tools in the back of the truck. This is a small thing and not worth deducting a star off such a fine power tool, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

2. This sander has a long spin-down time unless the sanding head is pressed against a piece of wood (your “work”). Held up in the air, you have to wait a long time for the head to spin down. I would have appreciated a break of some kind just to keep me from waiting so long for it to spin down.

Neither of these negatives are a big deal for me, but I thought I’d mention them just the same.

BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch

Since 1910, Black & Decker has been setting the standard for innovation and design of power tools, accessories, outdoor yard care equipment, home cleaning products, automotive and lighting products, hardware, and other home improvement products. The inventor of the first portable electric drill with pistol grip and trigger switch, Black & Decker has evolved from a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland to a global manufacturing and marketing powerhouse with a broad line of quality products used in and around the home and for commercial applications.

I have been a big fan of dewalt tools, I have a mix of Black and Decker items like my firestorm chop saw and it works very well and it over 10 years old, so when I was looking for a new sander I thought I’d try out the Black and Decker orbital. In todays world I already have a dewalt and it works well but I wanted a new one.

I’ve attached pics of the black and decker along with my dewalt so you can see how they look. From a performance standpoint, the black and decker is a bit louder than the dewalt but the black and decker actually has a better dust collection process (at least in my testing.). Both sanders utilize the same size stick on sand paper pads that you can buy from your local stores. From a feel, both sanders are actually pretty good in the hand, they utilize a similar palm grip and cord location/power switch location so it’s a tie.

If you wanted to get a sander and asked for my recommendation, I would say the black and decker is a really good option and at the time of writing this it’s half the cost of the black and decker orbital. If you are brand loyal of course you will go with the brand you love, but I would say give Black and Decker a chance, this sander works just as well as my Dewalt.I wasn’t expecting much but this unit has decent power is not loud and works incredibly well for the price!
the bag does load up with dust very fast , you will know this because there will be dust everywhere so just keep on dumping it out every 10 mins and you are all good.

I dont know why so many people are nit picky about this sander its under $30.00! Just deal with it or spend 3 times this price and you wont have anything to complain about.If you only need a orbital sander once in a while like me than this is a great deal and sure beats having to call around to borrow one all the time!


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