Best Paint Sprayer For Furniture

If you are reading this, chances are you need assistance with painting something around your house, or the house itself. Getting the job done and doing is right is of the essence here. There are many ways to skin a metaphorical cat, and we are experts when it comes to painting. Redecorating your living space yourself can be made easy and efficient Sunday afternoon if you are ready to learn from us.  With years of experience in professional painting service, we are competent to say that we know all the tricks. One of the first things you will need is a reliable paint sprayer.

Campbell Hausfeld HV3500 65 CFM Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer

Product description

Campbell Hausfeld packaged this system with a professional spray gun for greater flexibility when finishing cabinets, doors, trim, woodworking and metal projects. The high-performance/professional 3-stage turbine motor provides more power and longer life for applying most finish coatings: lacquers, stains, enamels, clear coats, varnishes, oil- and water-based coating and other solvent-based materials with flash points higher than 99deg F. It can also spray latex and water-based coatings, though some thinning may be required. Paints and solvents that contain hydrogenated hydrocarbons should not be used with this system. U.S.A.


High-volume low-pressure (HVLP) systems like the HV3500 work best in situations where you’re applying a fine finish as opposed to a heavy coat of paint or varnish. In other words, you wouldn’t want to use a system like this to paint your house-it would take forever. If you’re working on smaller projects involving stains, polyurethane, or even thinned latex paints, however, HVLP is the way to go.

With HVLP systems, turbine size plays a big role in determining how fine your paint mist will be. The HV3500 includes the HV3000 turbine, which gives you enough power (65 CFM/6 PSI) to deliver a fine mist and to allow you to get a heavier coat if necessary.

The professional-grade spray gun is well-balanced and comfortable to use, and it can be attached to the hose at the rear or the bottom, depending on your preference. I had some trouble with running stain on practice runs, but soon got a feel for the best combination of air flow, movement, air-cap setting and proximity to the surface to get a nice, fine finish.

This is a quality product from a respected manufacturer, and is a great option for providing fine finishes on smaller projects.–Josh Dettweiler

What’s in the Box
Turbine, gun, 25-foot air hose, stub hose and quick-connect fitting, wrench, viscosity stick, cleaning brush.

Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 58 CFM Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer

For the money, I don’t think you will find any system that is any better. Mine dose a great job. I’ve now had this spray system for nine months. It has proven it’s self time and time again. I get great results in finish and time spent on the job. If you buy good paint ($45-$65 a gallon) it will go twice as far in this system verses brush and roller. I bought a second spray gun so that I can set up a primer and a paint or two colors of paint at the same time and to switch all I have to do is switch guns. I am a professional handy man and painting is some thing I do regularly. I have used this system on several jobs and it cleans up easy as well as works great.
If your gun is giving a spatter pattern, you need to thin your paint more or get the larger needle and seat. Different paints have different thicknesses, but need to be thinned to the same thickness to spray correctly. Good paint ($45-$65 per gallon) will need to be 48 ounces paint and 16 ounces water for a total of 64 ounces. Just add a little water at a time till you get the hang of it with the paint you’re using.
If you’re getting excessive over spray, your paint is to thin, in either case to thin correctly use the drip stick that comes with the system. Let the paint run off until it starts to drip. From the first drip it should drip four times in four seconds. It will take a little practice but when you get it correct it will work correctly.Wear ear muffs and some type of filter mask.
When I’m painting a ceiling I put down a drop cloth on the whole floor. It’s just easier and less worry.

650w Electric Paint Painting Sprayer Gun 3-ways W/copper

Product description

New spray system for a professional finish Advanced, easy-to-use technology For home use Saves paint by precisely regulating the amount of paint to be sprayed Spray can be adjusted to ensure even paint application 3 spray settings: vertical, horizontal and circular jet Works from any angle Fast, light, and easy to carry and clean Detachable spray gun for quick paint changes No drips Can be used to spray paint, lacquer and varnish Can be used on brick, cement, stucco, wood and glass; rough, curved and smooth surfaces; fences; indoor and outdoor furniture and interior and exterior walls. Professional spray system paints 15m² in 10 minutes

 It works great for stuff like fence posts and window frames.
Walls are way beyond its capability. If you’re doing walls, get a good airless.
Anyway, mailbox posts – and the mailbox – come out beautifully. Ya gotta learn how to thin the paint and what to put in it – but otherwise it’s a nice piece on the cheap. It also gets a bit warm when run too long as well. Do a window and then let it rest.
Spare nozzles just don’t seem to exist. I’m wishing I could have gotten one size bigger nozzle.
Basically it substitutes for spray cans.
Lastly, you can use latex, but I wouldn’t. Use it for stain and thin acrylics – that’s what it’s made for.

Wagner spray tech 0529013

This is the quick and easy way to resolve any spray gun issues since you already have the turbine and hose. For less than $30 you have one of the best sprayers there are.

I spray latex and reduce 2 cups or latex with 4 tbs of flotrol and 4 tbs of water. Be sure to clean the Nozzle gasket seal. and would recommend purchasing a extra one.

Product Description

Minneapolis-based Wagner SprayTech Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wagner Holding, Inc., is a market leader in advanced paint applicators. It develops and markets a wide array of painting and decorating products used in home improvement, commercial painting and industrial fine finishing.

They make it easier to prepare surfaces, apply paints and other coatings, and clean up after painting. Wagner supports its customers through innovation, high tech engineering, quality manufacturing and service. Follow Wagner on Facebook and Twitter.

From the Manufacturer

The Detail Finish nozzle is ideal for small projects and fine finishing. This accessory will provide a fine finish on projects such as cabinets, crafts, and furniture. It can be used with stains, sealers, and polyurethane coatings. The Wagner exclusive Lock-n-Go technology allows for this accessory to be quickly switched for material change and easy cleaning and can be used with most Wagner HVLP products.

  • Developed using the greatest innovation
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Made to outperform
  • Generates a controlled fine spray pattern for detail finishing and small surface projects
  • Used with all Wagner HVLP sprayers
  • Adjustable flow control for precise spraying, three spray pattern settings including horizontal, vertical, and round (narrow)
  • Sprays paints, stains, sealers, and urethanes, 20 fl. oz. cup ideal for small projects
  • No wear parts for long life

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