Best Pressure Washers

Why Buy a Power Washer?

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy the best pressure washer – the essential outdoor cleaning tool:

Save Time

Next time you’re in the driveway cleaning your car with a pressure washer feel good because you’re saving 5x the water and able to clean it 5x faster. In addition to that, you won’t have to bend over to clean the low spot – just point and shoot with the pressure gun.

Here’s where the “5x” came from:

  • A garden hose provides you with ~8 GPM of water at 60 PSI. That’s 480 cleaning power units.
  • A $100 electric pressure cleaner provides 1.6 GPM at 1500 PSI. That’s 2400 cleaning power units.

So, for $100 you can use 5x less water and get 5x the cleaning power. In the power washer reviews we look at all aspects of the pressure washer and brand to ensure you are looking at the best.Another example of why pressure cleaning is efficient is because you can use attachments like a surface cleaner to quickly clean large flat areas like a tennis court or your driveway. Mobile contract pressure cleaners all own one and because of it they can complete more jobs per day.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

The Pressure Joe SPX3000 pressure washer delivers it all to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: Homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more.

Power, Performance and Versatility:

This pressure washer packs a powerful punch with its 1800 Watt/14.5 amp motor. The Pressure Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer generates up to 2030 PSI of water pressure and 1.76 GPM of water flow for maximum cleaning power.

Consistently Works Well:

Equipped with a dual detergent tank system, the Pressure Joe SPX3000 pressure washer carries and stores two different types of detergent simultaneously in its two 0.9 liter onboard, removable detergent tanks. Conveniently switch between different detergents with its detergent selection dial and blast away all sorts of grime. This pressure washer features a 34 inch extension spray wand to access hard-to-reach areas, such as 2-story buildings and the undersides of automotive vehicles and lawn equipment. Plus, its rear wheels provide easy portability around your yard.

The SPX3000 Pressure Washer is Your Ultimate Dirt Fighter:

This pressure washer lets you tailor the pressure output of the spray to your cleaning need with Pressure Joe’s five Quick-Connect spray nozzles (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap). Interchange nozzles to quickly go from a high-pressure 0° pencil point jet to a low-pressure 40° fan spray or apply detergent to the cleaning surface with the soap nozzle for additional cleaning power. Other features on the SPX3000 electric pressure washer include a 20 foot high pressure hose, 35 foot power cord, garden hose adaptor, and a TSS (Total Stop System) trigger that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.

  • 5 Quick-Connect spray tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap) tackle light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks
  • Powerful 14.5-amp/1800-Watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI/1.76 GPM for maximum cleaning power and water inlet temperature (max) is 104 degrees Farenheit
  • TSS (Total Stop System) – automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.Working Pressure:1450 PSI.20 foot high pressure hose
  • Dual detergent tanks – two 0.9 L onboard, removable tanks carry and store different types of detergent to simultaneously tackle different cleaning projects
  • CSA approved. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for User Manual

Greenworks 1700 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer

 Used it the other day and have to say, can’t complain much. Set up was fairly easy (took less than 5min) and worked like a charm. As I type this I can’t really come up with much to gripe about. It says they don’t recommend using an extension cord but I did and didn’t seem to effect the performance. But with that said without the extension cord the factory power cord could be longer. In addition I bought a foam cannon as well and put out enough me for me to use and cleaned well. I even tested it on the sidewalks and blew whatever was on the concrete right off. I didn’t want to deal with gasoline and didn’t think I needed much more than a 1700psi machine for what I needed so I felt this was a pretty solid purchase. Lastly Arrived in a well packaged box with no damage and all structural componets weren’t damaged as I’ve seen on other reviews. I’ve only used it once but will follow up!Coming from using a gasoline pressure washer for many years I was a bit hesitant to buy an electric one. The GreenWorks GPW1702 has changed my mind and I am glad I picked one up this year. Since owning it this year I have used it on various projects around the house and have been pleased with the results.The pressure washer worked like a champ all summer. Got to a lot of outside cleaning done and a lot of car washes in. It was noticed by several neighbors and they were all surprised it was just an electric pressure washer.

+It is light weight so it can be easily moved to where it is needed.
+Cleaned up moldy brick around my house very quickly
+Car cleaning has never been easier.
+Great price for a pressure washer
+No longer have to deal with oil and gasoline.

-I have no complaints


One issue I ran into was the connections for the outlet hose were accidentally stripped by myself one day. It was done carelessly by myself, but just something to be aware of while using the product. Still happy with my purchase.

Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer

  • 1800 MAX PSI at 1.1 GPM, 1.2 MAX GPM at 900 PSI electric pressure washer
  • Be ready for whatever unexpected impact comes your way with a tough welded-steel frame that gives you added protection
  • Upgrade your cleaning potential in seconds by simply adding soap to the integrated detergent tank
  • Reach higher with your cleaning potential, with 20 feet of flexible hose that’s built to endure hard work and high pressure
  • Clean up to 40% faster by quickly attaching our specialized, time-saving turbo nozzle
  • 12-months limited consumer warranty
  • All water pressure (PSI) & flow rate (GPM) claims were tested & verified by an independent lab, ensuring you take home the power you were promised

You have high expectations for your outdoor spaces. When dirt and debris threaten your curb appeal, you fight back. The S1800 electric pressure washer is your newest weapon, with enough versatile cleaning power to overcome hundreds of grueling projects. Put the on-board detergent tank and three quick-connect nozzles to work, and bring new life to everything from outdoor furniture and fencing to vehicles and boats.

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The unit is lightweight and easy to move. It has a variety of included attachments to tackle almost all jobs around the home. One nice feature is the adjustable spray tip on the wide-angle wand. The unit has a lot of power for an electrical pressure washer — more than enough to clean driveways, decks, grills, mowers, etc.

As mentioned in many other reviews, the plastic hose adapter leaks water, right in the middle where the two washers meet. The leaking is so bad as to make the unit unusable, unless you enjoy being sprayed with a torrent of water while you work. The solution: go down to your local hardware store and buy a brass male-to-male hose adapter for 8 bucks. Now you are in business.

The high-pressure hose that runs from the unit to the spray-gun is made from a stiff plastic that tangles easily and is hard to manage as you move around. I am currently researching buying an after-market hose made from high quality rubber to avoid this problem.

  • OUTDOOR CLEANING POWER: Make quick cleaning jobs of decks, patios, siding, driveways, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs and more.
  • ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED: Professional-style pressure washer gun, 2 different pressure washer wands, 20 foot high pressure hose, 14 oz. detergent bottle and 2 high pressure quick change wands with pressure washer turbo and variable nozzles. Hose diameter: 0.25 inch
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Conserves water by using 80% less water with 40% more power than a standard garden hose. Quieter than gas engine models.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Pull it out of the box, insert the hose reel and attach the handle. Connect the high pressure hose and garden hose. Plug the GFCI to a 3 prong outlet with a ground. Pull the trigger to start cleaning.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Best in class support. Contact us at anytime in Fridley, Minnesota. using the information found in the owner’s manual.

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM 

  • Incredible Cleaning Power Generated by the 1800 Watt/14.5 amp Motor Outputs a Whopping 1.8 GPM and 2,200 PSI Pressure for Maximum Cleaning and Scrubbing Power
  • 5 Interchangeable High and Low Pressure Nozzles Wash Various Surfaces (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap); Bonus Turbo Wand Included
  • Easy-to-Use System Requires Just 30-Second Setup w/Three Simple Attachments, The Unique Copper Connections are Easily Joined to Hose and Nozzle for Quick, Effortless Hookup
  • Power Washer Features Safety Automatic Total Stop System (TSS), Optional Self Suction, & Soap Dispenser
  • Ideal Pressure Cleaning Solution for all Types of Vehicles, Cars, SUV’s, ATV’s, Boats, RVs, and Homes, Driveways, Decks and Patios, Easily Gets rid of Dirt, Grime, Gunk, Oil, Rust, Mildew and Grease and the Toughest Spots – Includes a 1 Year Warranty – DISCLAIMER: Make sure water supply is on or the motor will break.

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