Best Reciprocating Saw


An electric reciprocating saw is to a jigsaw as a chainsaw is to a circular saw. Neither a recip saw nor a chainsaw is used for finishing work. They are both designed for making a quick cutting job that does not have to be pretty.

Like a jigsaw, a recip saw can be used to cut curves on lumber ends or in thinner sheet goods, but the jigsaw with its short, narrow blade is more suited for that task. A reciprocating saw’s blade is longer, thicker and wider. It is made to remove material quickly and to a greater depth when necessary.

Most recip saws have large motors and sturdy shells that almost invite abuse. Many DIYers or engineers think they will never need that kind of power until they try one. Then their mind is racing to find new uses within their long list of projects.

DEWALT DCS387B 20-volt MAX Compact Reciprocating Saw .

The tool DOES have the better 4-way head with quick-release latch like the DCS380, as compared to the 2-way head the lesser/cheaper DCS385 cordless saw has. It does NOT have a extending shoe of the DCS380 though due to its’ compact nature. It does swivel but doesn’t extend.

Super Dewalt quality

My impression so far is that this saw handles/performs just like the DCS380, and you should probably just compare prices, or pick this one if that few inches of compactness is a huge deal to you. Also, if you’re buying the DCS380P1 kit, the “P” means a 5.0aH battery, while the DCS380 usually comes in a “L” kit (3.0aH) or “M” kit (4.0 aH).

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • fits between studs and allows users to make cuts in confined spaces
  • 4-Position Blade Clamp allows for flush cutting
  • 1-1/8″ stroke length delivers faster cutting speed
  • Variable Speed Trigger with 0-2,900 spm

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Power and Performance

The powerful DC385B features a high-performance, variable-speed motor that drives the blade at 0-3,000 strokes per minute. And it has an aggressive-cutting stroke length of 1-1/8 -inch for powering through virtually any building material. The four-position blade clamp allows for flush cutting and increased versatility

Comfort and Convenience

The DC385B has a pivoting adjustable shoe with open top for maximum visibility and lever-action keyless blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes. It’s complemented by sure-grip, anti-slip rubber handles for optimized handling.

Bare Tool

This DEWALT cordless tool does not come with a battery or charger. It’s compatible with the DC9096 18-volt XRP battery pack and DW9117 15-minute charger.


This DEWALT tool is backed by three-year limited warranty covering any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship (from the date of purchase). It’s also covered by DEWALT’s one-year free service contract, where DEWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal use–for free.

What’s in the Box

One DEWALT DC385B 18-volt cordless reciprocating saw and operating instructions (batteries and charger sold separately).

Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw

The Bosch  is made to tackle any cutting job from wood to plastic to steel to ceramic. With a 14 amp motor and 8-pound weight its power-weight ratio is best in class. With a 1-1/8″ stroke, 2900 SPM, constant speed electronics, and constant orbital action, it is powerful and efficient. Of course, it has keyless blade changes and adjustable shoe to adapt to any job. It also features an anti-vibration system that allows for long work sessions without operator fatigue.
I’ve used this saw almost every day for the past month cutting brush and tree limbs, up to a few inches in diameter. When you get a good purchase on wood it just melts through. Sometimes you have to hold it in one hand and the thing you’re cutting in the other because it’s flapping around and the saw can’t bite into it, and that’s awkward, but you get used to it (and learn to minimize the need to do it in the first place by coming at it from different angles, holding it with a foot, etc.).It’s had a few very minor drops onto grass or dirt, and occasionally bumped the front tip of the blade into concrete or metal, as well as gotten the blade pinched between branches due to user error, suffering no ill effects.

I haven’t read the manual enough to see if there’s a recommended cool-down time or maximum duty time. I’ve cut continuously for several minutes at a time cutting up a big stump, and not noticed anything besides the saw getting pretty hot.

Powerful 11.0 AMP motor for improved performance

The Makita 11-Amp Reciprocating Saw (model JR3050T) combines a powerful 11 AMP motor with less weight (7.3 lbs.) for all day use and improved performance. The 11 AMP motor with variable speed (0-2,800 SPM) has a 1-1/8 inch blade stroke for efficient cutting. It is ideal for metal cutting, wood cutting, drywall and plaster, plastics, remodeling, and demolition applications.

Versatile Design for a Range of Applications

The JR3050T also features an internal dust blower system to clear debris from the line of cut for improved visibility, with a heavy-duty shoe and “tool-less” blade change for fast blade change and removal. The JR3050T is engineered with all ball and needle bearings for longer tool life, and a durable body design with a protective rubber boot to seal the motor and bearings from dust and debris.


Never regretted a purchase with a Makita product. They’re not top of the line but they’re dependable and affordable.

Ryobi P514 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw

Product description

If you want a powerful reciprocating saw that will serve you well on the jobsite or around the house, then the Ryobi P514 is the tool for you. Its rubber grip and anti vibration handle will keep you working in comfort. The rubber notches on the handle keep your hands from losing grip in slippery conditions. Springs in the handle will prevent your wrist from feeling fatigue when it’s ripping through wood at 3,100 strokes per minute. You’ll be able to cut for hours with its battery compatibility.

The 18V One+ line of batteries is compatible. They include the P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108. (Batteries not included in this kit) You’re likely to have one of these lying around to plug into this unit. Blade changes are easy, too. In fact, they’re just as easy as swapping out batteries. You don’t need an allen wrench to tighten and loosen the unit to remove blades. Simply pull up on the side latch and you can remove your blades, 3 of which are included! With its convenient blade changing system and powerful motor, you’ll be able to work through commercial and personal projects with ease. Ryobi does indoor and outdoor work right.

  • NON-SLIP HANDLING with Ryobi’s rubber grip, letting you keep hold of this tool in poor conditions
  • ANTI-VIBRATION HANDLE absorbs shock from the tool’s powerful motor giving you improved handling for precision cuts
  • TOOL-LESS BLADE CHANGING: A lever-actuated blade changing mechanism built into the tool lets you quickly swap out blades without using any extra tools
  • 0 – 3,100 STROKES PER MINUTE makes for smooth cutting for a variety of different jobs
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE: This tool can work with multiple types of Ryobi Lithium Ion Battery, from the green One+ system to the older NiCad batteries

Bosch RS7 1-1/8-Inch 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw

This saw is pretty fantastic. It’s very powerful, and the chuckless quick release system on it is really pretty good. Getting blades in can be a bit fiddly, but not bad, and they’re very secure once locked in.

Now, if you’ve never used a sawzall before, you need to know something: a sawzall is not a beast to be contained.

You are holding a tiger by the tail with one of these, and this one is QUITE powerful. For instance, if you want to rough out a big chunk of drywall for something like installing a safe, or if you need to cut through a bunch of wood with nails and screws in it, a sawzall is a GREAT tool. If you want to cut out a small rectangle for a power socket, this is not your saw. A sawzall is a big bucking bronco, and you may need a nice little parade pony.If you need a saw that takes no prisoners and basically handles sawing like Rambo handles guns, then you should get one. This one’s not all that expensive, so honestly, I’d recommend just buying it and finding yourself some stuff to cut. You’ll have a blast, even if you feel like you’re barely holding onto a bottle of lightning.

  • The item is Bosch RS7 1-1/8-Inch 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw
  • Used for Construction – Power Saws, Reciprocating Saws
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Features 11 Amps of power
  • Dual LED lights are bright and long lasting, illuminating your cutting zone
  • Tool-less blade change system allows for fast and effortless blade installation and removal
  • Ergonomic handle with soft grip for maximum comfort and gripping during cutting
  • Variable speed trigger improves cutting control in various materials

SKIL 9216-01 9 Amp Reciprocating Saw

I bought this recently to replace my very old Craftsman reciprocating saw. My old saw had served me well since 1990, but it was getting tired, was hard to change blades, and did not have as much power as it once did.After reading several reviews I settled on this saw. It had the power I needed, the blade change mechanism was much better, and most reviews were very favorable.
Aside from testing it when it arrived I had not used it until tonight.

I needed to take out a kitchen sink faucet set prior to a complete kitchen remodel. Since all the cabinets were due to go tomorrow, I decided to put the new saw to work. It did the job in less time than my old saw took to set the blade. I cut through the counter front to free the drop in sink, and I was done in about 1 minute. The saw is very powerful, but also very controllable. I was very pleased.

Full disclosure :

I am a fan of Skil and Bosch tools, but I do own other brands including Porter Cable, Hitachi, and Makita.

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