Best Smartwatches Under 100 Dollars

The trend for the smart watch is growing day by day. Many people already have the smartwatch on their wrist while many wish to buy one. It helps the person stay connected as well as updated. The smart watch is a life-saver as it helps you multitask and never lets you miss anything important. You have the digital life on your wrist as the watch connects with your smartphone. Managing your digital life is simple with the smart watch.Apart from multitasking, it even helps you know how to fit you are. Your physical activity will be tracked, and thus you can monitor your health. In case you are planning to buy a smart watch, then it may be very confusing for you since there are many available in the market with ample features. Before you begin your search, make certain you know your requirements as well as budget so that your search is made simpler.

Using a buying guide will help you select the best smartwatches under 100 dollars. How do you decide which watch is perfect for your requirements, have stylish design as well as the budget?  We have mentioned few points to look for while buying a smartwatch.

Best Smartwatches under 100 Dollars buying guide:

Operating System and Device Compatibility:

The smartwatches are companions to your mobile phones, and thus it is crucial for you to know the operating system it supports. It will be of no use if you buy a smartwatch that does not support the mobile OS. For instance, the Apple watch works only with iPhone and no other phones. Hence, make certain that you do not buy a smartwatch unless you know it will work with your mobile phone.


Another most important factor that you need to consider while looking out for the smart watch is the screen. Today, most smart watches have a bright LCD allowing to view messages, calls, photos, emails, etc. This comes with a drawback that, displays reduce the battery life, but brands are improving the battery.


There is no brainer in this fact that a smart watch will have a touch screen. The most important reason behind this is that it is simple o navigate. Gone are those days when people bought a smart watch having a button. Watch navigation with the buttons become tedious as well as involved.


Many smart watches offer customization and thus it is vital for you to know if you could get that feature or not. It is great that most brands offer personalization features from a third company. For example, most brands offer you a choice to pick your band material and colour. Before you choose the personalization features, it is crucial to know that comfort plays an important role. Before you select the options, try them and then take a decision. It may look good to your eyes, but your wrist would not be comfortable with the change.


The smart watches will notify you for calls, messages, and emails but what you need to consider is whether they send you any notifications for social media accounts and applications. Most smart watches offer you a notification bar which enables you to go through all the alerts. Also, many brands give you an option to customise the notification bar. For instance, Apple gives you an option to add the important things you want in the notification bar so that you do not miss the alerts in any way.

With keeping the factors mentioned above in mind, you can purchase the right smartwatch for your needs. Below is the list of the best smart watches under  $100.

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami 

  • Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami with All-Day Heart Rate and Activity Tracking, Sleep Monitoring, GPS, Ultra-Long Battery Life, Bluetooth, US Service and Warranty (A1608 Black)Look as Good as You Feel: With a range of colors and options, the Bip is designed to be worn as an extension of your personal style. Weighing only 1.1oz (32g), and with a bright, transflective always-on 1.28″ display, the Bip can be worn all day.
  • Go the Distance: Use the Amazfit Bip for up to 30 days on a single 2.5-hour charge.
  • Don’t Miss a Beat: Optical heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS allow you to accurately track in real-time your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep. Special sport modes (running, treadmill, cycling and walking) give you even more detailed insights into your most frequent activities.
  • Be in the Know: The perfect companion to keep you organized and productive all day long. Receive one-way notifications for emails, SMS messages, and incoming phone calls (prompting you to take action on your smartphone), as well as alerts for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack, weather forecasts, and other mobile apps
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Buy with confidence. Amazfit offers a 30-day refund policy, and 12-month new replacement warranty

This watch is fantastic. I am moving from a Pebble and did not want to spend $200+ on the FitBit equivalent so I did my research and picked up this watch. It has some good and bad, but the good outweighs the bad by a lot.

– No additional or 3rd party apps for the watch
– Out of the hundreds of watch faces very few are setup for US date structure
– Band is kinda small for a big fat guy like me (I have 3 holes left)


– Battery life is amazing. After 4 days it is still at 85%
– Display quality is insane
– With hundreds of watch faces (additional free app needed) you will find something you like
– GPS, HR, Stopwatch, Timer, Weather, Activity and Sleep tracker and more make this a great multi use watch
– Extremely customizable notifications
– Integration with Google Fit
– Very thin and light
– Charging cradle, not just a cable…

  • ALL-DAY ACTIVITY- Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time
  • GPS TRACKING AND CONTINUOUS HEART RATE – See distance, pace, split times and review routes on display without smart phone. Get continuous, automatic, wrist based heart rate and simplified heart rate zones.
  • 17 MULTI-SPORT MOEDES +SMART TRACK – Track runs, rides and other workouts with up to 17 multi-sport modes or automatically record them with smart track technology
  • CALL AND TEXT NOTIFICATIONS – See call and text notifications on display and view latest 10 messages
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Last longer than competing trackers with a battery life up to 5 days and GPS battery life up to 8 hours.


All-Day Activity– Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time

GPS Tracking– See distance, pace, split times and review routes without smart phone

Dynamic Continuous Heart Rate – Get continuous, automatic, wrist based heart rate and in 24/7, simplified heart rate zones and alert with HRV analysis.

17 Multi-Sport Modes and Smart Track – Track runs, rides and other workouts with up to 17 multi-sport modes or automatically record them with smart track technology

Call and Text Notifications– See call and text notifications on display with caller ID and view latest 10 messages

Water Proof – OUMAX S8 Plus watch is waterproof to a depth of 5ATM

Battery Life – Last longer than competing trackers with a battery life up to 5-7 days and GPS battery life up to 8 hours:

9 Watch Faces – Support 9 Watch faces switch, analog, digital, sport…etc

7 Valuable Tools – Stop Watch/Timer (1min, 3mins, 5mins and Customize)/Reminder to Move/No Disturb Mode/Easy Camera Control/Emergency Flashlight/Low Power Saving Mode/Brightness Adjustment.

System Requirement:

iOS device: iOS 9.0 or above
Android device: Android 4.3 or above with Bluetooth 4.2
Working Temperature: 0℃-40℃ (32℉-104℉)

Package Includes: 

1×Smart Watch
1×Magnetic USB Charging Cable
1×Quick Start Guide
1×User Manual

  • Experience New Smartwatch- Elegant and fashion design, comfortable Silicone leather strap or milanese steel strap for your choice, slim and ultra-light design to ensure comfortable ware. Well-crafted ST watch case, Anti-scratch tempered glass cover, along with up-to-date intelligent technologies, this smartwatch has setup a new standard for smartwatch. It’s NOT ONLY a fitness & sports watch BUT ALSO your perfect choice for daily wearing.
  • Professional Fitness tracker – Built-in advanced 3D sensor and pedometer to accurately count your steps, calories burnt & distance achieved. Professional Running model with dynamicly heart rate monitor. APP will manage your personal data and to help you achieve fitness goal everyday! IP67 waterproof, feel free to wear it for sports and fitness indoor or outdoor.
  • Precise heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor– Advanced Germany ORSAM PPG sensor with 2 green lighting to 24 hours dynamicly trace and monitor your heart rate. Adnormal reminding for heart rate via APP “H Band”. Setup your skin color and personal model for Blood Pressure detecting on APP so that to get precise measurement.
  • Easy & Convenient to Use– APP surpport 12 languages. 5-15 days long working-time. To connect with your smartphone in seconds via Bluetooth 4.0, compare with most smartphone (Android 4.4 and iOS8.0, or above.). More than 20 reminders on App are available for your different application . IP67 waterproof
  • Multi-functions- Timely syncs with your phone, check SMS and who is calling on the watch. Get notification of messeges or App push. Anti-lost function and Cemera Remote Control are also available when bluetooth connected. Sleep quality monitor along and sedentary reminder are also available.

Pebble Smartwatch

One of the best and modern smart watches in the market is Pebble Smartwatch. This one is a worthy addition to the list as well.


  • Watch faces
  • Pebble timeline
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Works with select Apple and Android phones
  • View notifications from email, SMS, Caller ID, calendar and your favorite apps on your wrist.
  • Includes Pebble timeline, a chronological display of calendar and notifications
  • Download watch faces and apps to suit your style and interests.
  • Control music playing on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 5-7 days on a single charge
  • Compatible with both Apple (iOS 6 and higher) and Android devices (OS 4.0 and higher)
  • The charging cable’s contacts are spring loaded pins. Depress each of them and make sure that they are popping back smoothly up to the same height relative to each other.

-Durable (despite rumors)
-Notification ‘ Genius
-Battery ‘ Life
-Screen size
-High tech look
-Usable buttons
-Intuitive interface
-Quick charging
-App Store ‘ Selection

-No touchscreen
-Black and white
-Pictures look horrible
-Charging cable is proprietary (don’t lose it!)

The most amazing thing to me is that this was one of the first smart watches available and it truly is one of the best. I have broken down highlights  of this product based on category. Enjoy!

Screen: The e-ink display is brilliant. Those who own a Kindle are familiar with e-ink displays and this one is the same kind of awesome. The display can be seen in all brightness levels except low to dark. But, with a flick of your wrist in the dark, the Backlight turns on, problem solved! The screen and watch are both durable, more so than some reviews suggest. You do have to be careful about scratching the screen as you will be looking at it a lot. I typically scratch the face of my watches through normal wear and tear so I instinctively slapped a screen protector on.

Interface :  I used to think that I didn’t need a smart watch ‘, that it would get in the way. But, immediately after putting on the Pebble and pairing it to my phone, instantly my world transformed. Notifications would pop up and then vanish with a push of a button. Text messages that required a yes/no/Ok were sent at the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, the issues that I was having with my phone disappeared magically and the phone became smarter and more useful to me. It’s quite literally that the inventors of this crazy watch knew exactly how to solve the smartphone problems that we never realized existed!

Design : Not quite there as blocky electronic products go. Mine is a very fashionable red which does not offer smooth styling as a traditional timepiece might. However, you get past the looks quickly once the watch is on and doing its thing. Pebble has addressed the ugliness of this product in newer models especially the Pebble Time Round. Although, when it comes to getting things done, you barely notice that your watch looks a little out of place. The buttons (three on the right, one on the left) were something that I believed would be an annoyance especially with such nice touchscreen interfaces on our phones. But, these buttons were practically thought out and have multifunctional capabilities. So much that you really do forget that there is no touchscreen to navigate. And, it actually gives you a break from all the swiping, typing and (sometimes) jabbing that come with a touch screen.

Apps and Watch Faces: Not entirely sure how much memory is on the watch, but it holds up to eight apps/faces which can be downloaded and loaded onto the watch through the Pebble app on the phone. Apps and watch faces are a must for this product as they personalize the gadget to your needs. Would you like a clock that tells you the weather? There are tons of them. Looking for an app to give you turn by turn directions? It’s available. Pebble has created a community and an app store which is highly useful and open to developers. Which means that this watch will evolve over time based on your needs. Much like finding out that the painting you bought from a garage sale was worth a million dollars, this watch keeps getting better.

Also, for those using Runkeeper, the watch automatically switches over to exercise mode, showing current workout stats and allowing you to pause/start the activity. Really useful especially when you don’t want to mess with your phone during a jog or long walk.
And that is on top of the ton of features that already made me a Pebble believer. Enjoy.
What ends up happening is that you start using your phone when you absolutely need to instead of simply to dismiss notifications. Which leads to Facebook, then email, then chatting, etc. Oh no, where did the time go!!??

Pictures : Don’t even bother as depth and shading appear as a pixelated mess on the tiny B&W screen. THAT requires a smartphone. Although, there are a couple Pebble apps that act as shutter releases for your phone camera, which is nice.
One final thought on the lack of a touchscreen. Android Wear, Samsung and Apple watches all have this feature. And, as a result cost more. The Pebble offers a unique blend of usability and is a more than capable alternative. However, if touch is something you need to do, I would say the Pebble line is not for you.

Battery life:  They say the watch will last 7 days without a charge. This is actually very conservative as my watch easily surpasses this time frame. Quick tip: Turn off the Bluetooth at night as this extends the battery life.

Recommendation: Buy, but buy it really cheap and refurbished if possible. Pebble offers newer color e-ink display models that are sexier and by all means better (especially with voice recognition). But, if you don’t want to spend too much, the original Pebble is still worth the purchase.

One of the best smartwatches that are currently popular in the market is the HATCHERHGGD MSRM. Most people are using this watch and also very happy with it. It is one of the most worthy additions to this list.


  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Plays music after connecting to Bluetooth
  • Fitness watch
  • Anti-lost alarm
  • Supports hands-free calls

Important Features
Micro SIM card (Frequency GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900) (not included), max 32GB SD card (not included),language English,Francais,Espanol,jezyk polski,Portugues,Italiano,Deutsch,Dutch,Turkce etc supported
Time/Date/Battery state display
Ringing reminder when you receive a call
Display the number or name of incoming calls
Answer or Dial calls from your wrist
Stopwatch function
Support hands-free calls, phone book
Play the music in your phone (after Bluetooth pairing)
Sync SMS/call history(only for android phone)
Anti-lost alarm function: When cellphone left watch alarm automatically, after a certain distance to avoid lose the phones
Remote taking photo function:You can control your cellphone to take photo from your wrist.
Passometer,Photograph, Vibration ,Mute

Package Included
1 x Smart watch phone

Overall great value for the price! Navigation is a bit confusing and it was difficult to connect to my phone, but overall it is fun to explore. Camera is very low quality and the keys are very small .

  • Multi-Function Smart Watch : Dial via watch SIM or Bluetooth optional, Pedometer, Calories Calculation, Sedentary remind, Sleep monitoring, Remote photos, Music playing, Alarm clock, Two-way anti lost remind, voice recorder, muti-timezone, muti-language, daylight saving time and notification push including facebook,twitter, email,calls,texts,etc.For ANDROID,all functions can be used. For IPHONE,the smartwatch supports Partial Functions.
  • Broad compatibility : The smart watch compatible with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones. All Android Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy: S9,S9 Plus,S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3, Samsung Note:5, 4, 3, SONY, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, OPPO and other Android phones, Partially Compatible with Apple iPhone 
  • Wearing More Comfortable : STAINLESS steel surface, Precision laminating process, Nano TPU85 material strap, anti-sweat matte surface treatment, ergonomic convex design and soft strap which make wearing more comfortable. Life Waterproof, the smart watch surface can resist rainwater impact when you are in outdooor.
  • Works Over Your Expectation : Easy to connect to your smartphones and Speaker phone works seemlessly.The voice of watch cell phone and smart watch is clear and loud. Listen to music and make calls from your watch Freely.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life & Lifetime Warranty 380mAH lithium battery,average using time is 2 days. Never worry about out of battery problem to smart watch.Apart from this,We provide Lifetime Worry-Free product guarantee which ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your smart watch.

Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch

In case you are looking for notifier smart watch then this one is certainly the best in the market under $50. Some people are not comfortable with the full touch screen smart watch, and thus this is the right option for them.


  • Works with select Android and Apple phones
  • 1.5″ Graphic OLED Display
  • Tailor vibration patterns
  • Rechargeable battery

I was an early adopter on Kickstarter for the Pebble and long time user, so I’m a big believer in wearable tech. My only issue with the Pebble was its utilitarian appearance. Rather than pony up for a Pebble Steel I opted to try the Martian and have been very happy with it.

-Functionally it has been great. #1 surprise has been battery life, it’s been amazing and can go 2x as long as the Pebble did between charges.
-Alerts have been very reliable. A hiccup here or there in terms of consistency but frankly, the Pebble was the same way too.
-The companion app on iOS is very nicely done. It’s very easy to customize your experience – which alerts you want / do not want to get on an app by app basis (text, phone, FB, What’s App, Maps, and all kinds of other apps you have installed). And also custom alert styles (combinations of long and/or short alerts)
– It’s nice to be able to simply shut off your connectivity & alerts to your phone but still have a functional standard watch.

There’s a few downsides, but all of them minor IMO:
– I found the watch band to be uncomfortable and lacking in appearance. Wound up replacing it with a nice leather band which looks very sharp with the watch. Problem solved!
– Not water proof – I have got used to taking it off before showering but it would be nice to be able to have some level of water resistance built in.
– Watch face itself is not backlit which makes seeing the watch face in the dark very difficult. You can push a button and get the time on the LCD screen but it would be nice to have a backlit screen (although I’m sure this would put a big dent in battery life)
– Proprietary USB charger. Would be nice to have had a standard USB adapter.

Pebble certainly has a larger ecosystem with a ton of 3rd party apps at your disposal. But in all honesty, I never really used those 3rd party apps much with Pebble because it’s so difficult to see & navigate things on a tiny watch screen. So even though Martian doesn’t have these, I don’t miss it at all.

If you want the benefits of wearable technology without feeling like you are a dork wearing an old school calculator watch on your wrist you should definitely give the Martian a try. It’s a highly functional, reliable and attractive looking alternative at a very reasonable price point.

Scinex SW20

The Scinex SW20 will make your life easy and is known to be one of the best, affordable, quality and convenient smartwatches available in the market today.


  • For everywhere you go. ! The perfect companion to keep you organized and productive all day long. Receive notifications for emails, SMS messages, and incoming phone calls (prompting you to take action on your smartphone), as well as alerts for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack, weather forecasts, and other mobile apps.
  • Look as Good as You Feel: With a range of colors and options, Dress to impress every day. The SW20 is designed to be worn as an extension of your personal style. Weighing only 2oz(68g), and with a stunning, modest 1.5″ Touch Screen display, the SW20 can be worn all day long. Will work with Samsung Galaxy, LG, IOS iPhone, Sony, and Nexus.
  • For all the extras you need: Scinex SW20 16GB Smartwatch comes with a Camera for videos and photos, music player, and even a memory slot that will allow you to increase the 16GB memory size up to 32GB. Track walks and runs with the pedometer feature that can be displayed directly from the app.
  • This high quality watch has a unique design that will look good for both men and women, enable you to download more watch faces with an Android phone, will work with iPhone/Android and any other mobile device. It will do everything a modern smartwach has to offer. All Functions like Push Notifications, Remote capture, Anti-lost (for locating your phone when lost) are supported. Enjoy 12 hours of battery life so you never miss a moment.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Buy with confidence. Scinex offers a 30-day refund policy, and 12-month replacement warranty. Note: The Watch only support 2G network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Stunning simple.

In case you are looking out for a specific smart watch compatible with your Android phone, then this one is the right choice.


  • Compatible with Android phones
  • 1.54-inch touch screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Hands-free calls
  • Watch camera


Easy & fun to use. Texting, making and having phone conversations really fun.Another cheap smartwatch, good for it’s price.


No protective cover for face of watch.

LEMFO IW08 Smart Watch

Another worthy addition to the list of best smartwatch under $50 is the LEMFO IW08 Smart Watch. With some advanced features and quality, it has become famous in the market.


  • Good Craftsmanship: LEMFO IW08 Smart Watch uses 1.54″ TFT LCD 360-degree 2.5D Arc HD Capacitive Touch Screen, 240*240 pixels, it adopts tempered glass lens, Scratch-proof, Shatterproof, and rust-proof stainless steel metal frame, carved by 42 CNC process to achieve a solid body. What’s more, it comes with food-grade silicone watch band, comfortable to wear, fashion and support environmental protection.
  • Smart Functions: LEMFO IW08 smart watch is not only a smart watch, supports Call Reminder, Message Reminder, Bluetooth music playing, social media notification, Anti lost, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor.Also, it is a MP3 Player, after you insert a TF cards with music, through bluetooth connected with bluetooth headset, You can enjoy music only from LEMFO smart watch without any mobile when you are running.
  • A Standalone Cell Phone: LEMFO IW08 Smart Watch can be used as an independent mobile phone once it is inserted a SIM card. It supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Network and can independently make / receive phone calls with its own SIM card.
  • Remote Control: LEMFO smart watch supports remote camera and bluetooth playing music for Android phones after your phone has installed Fundo Companion and BT Notification apk. Effortless realize to remote control and record every wonderful moment with any angle.Capture life’s moments with the built-in camera.
  • Notes: All functions are ONLY available for Android Smartphone with Android 4.3 or above. It does NOT support iOS. To make the watch works longer after chagre, we suggest you turn off the functions you don’t use, and trun down the light of the screen. To use the Pedometer, you need click “start” first, the it will track steps. Sometimes the bluetooth of the phone and the watch is not stable. You can reset the watch or the Bluetooth of the phone, and reconnect it.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

In case you are looking out for the smartwatch that is reasonable and manufactured by a reliable brand then the Pebble Time Smartwatch is a good option to consider.I am not sure why I dealt with FitBit’s lack of waterproofing and Garmin’s glitchy UI before I found this gem. And of course I found it AFTER Pebble had been bought by FitBit. I’m really hoping they don’t discontinue the Pebble fully, but integrate some of the technology into their products, because this watch is really awesome.

Let me list the ways I love thee:
1. Waterproof – seriously. Like up to 30 feet. Who wants to ruin a $150 watch because you washed your hands too vigorously (I’m lookin’ at you, FitBit!)
2. Face customization – I don’t have enough time to look at the hundreds of different faces you can download FOR FREE, and then there are the paid ones (usually just a few bucks). The one I have is a traditional analog that when you shake your wrist, it shows you a 4 day weather forecast (this was a requirement and one of the few things I loved about my Garmin).
3. Countless apps developed just for Pebble – need a map? I have one on my wrist. Lost my phone (like I always do), my watch can find it for me. Want to set a reminder without digging out your phone? I can push one button and TALK TO MY WRIST and my watch will remind me to feed my Mom’s dogs while she is out of town. (Go Go Gadget!) These are all the apps I have so far, but the amount that are out there are mind-boggling.

4. Reply to texts – I have an Android phone and do not use the standard SMS app, but this watch had no problem syncing with the app AND I can reply to text via voice, canned message, or emoji. So if I’m in a meeting and my man is blowing up my phone, I can let him know to chill out and I’ll call him later. Or just send him a kissy-face emoji. All while it looks like I’m just checking the time.
5. Integrates with ANY app on my phone – Yep, that’s right. ANY notification I receive on my phone can be sent to my watch. My weird little water app I have that reminds me to drink more water – they send me cute messages to my wrist now. I’ve been outbid on eBay? My Snapchat stalkee just made a new post? My Amazon package has been delivered? Yep. All on my wrist. And you can turn off any watch notifications without having to change your phone notification settings. LOVE!
6. Replaceable bands – I know FitBit has jumped on this game already, but damn Garmin, WHY? I dealt with all Garmin’s glitchy UI and Bluetooth disconnects and lack of syncing because I wanted to love it so much, but when the silicone band broke and rendered it useless, it was over. Now I don’t have to settle for silicone suckering itself onto my wrist anymore. This luxurious cloth band it where it’s at.
7. Skins – yep, you can change the color of the outside of your watch with some stickers. It sounds petty and ridiculous, but the options are way better than any of the skins I’ve seen for FitBit or Garmin.
8. Step counter seems to be much more accurate than FitBit or Garmin. No, FitBit, I didn’t walk 2,000 steps while I was in the car driving to Grandma’s. No, Garmin, I spent an hour on the treadmill, so why do I only have 50 steps more than I did when I started?
9. Sleep tracker – WAY more accurate than Garmin, who would count me as “asleep” any time I sat still for more than an hour. FitBit still wins this category, but the Pebble is pretty darn close.
10. Various vibrating patters – Again, this may seem small and petty, but without looking I know if I have a reminder or a text (ignore the text, NOT the reminder!)
11. SOLID connectivity – I’m sure if you’re still reading you’ve noticed I had issues with Garmin bluetooth disconnecting randomly ALL THE TIME. Not this Pebble guy. He has more range than either Garmin or FitBit, and I can even set it where I get a vibration or a little icon on my watch face if/when he disconnects. This has prevented me from leaving my phone in random places several times already. After the first week I’d completely broken the habit of constantly checking to see if it had disconnected .

So while this isn’t a fitness watch like a FitBit or Garmin, it does enough for what I want and it does it like a champ. If FitBit can take these features and integrate them with their current fitness watches, I think it would be 100% perfect.

One last note – since “Pebble” is no more, I could not sign up for a Pebble account and I do not have access to any of the cool online features like what you get with FitBit or Garmin phone apps or online sites. So that feature is lacking. But for steps and sleep my watch keeps a 30-day average and 1 week’s worth of stats on there, so that is helpful. Also I found at least 1 app that wouldn’t integrate because of something to do with the lack of support. But I still think for the discounted price you can’t do much better!


  • Compatible with select Apple and Android phones
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Built in microphone
  • Seven days battery life
  • 2.5D tough glass display
  • Notifications at a glance: calendar events, text and emails, incoming calls, and more.
  • Includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights.
  • Water resistant to 30 meters
  • Built-In microphone for voice notes and quick replies

The above-mentioned list of best smartwatch under $50 and $100 is based on user reviews. Make certain you consider your needs and budget before buying one for yourself. The top 3 picks would be HATCHERHGGD MSRM, Pebble Time Smartwatch, and WGHL Wearable Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch. Consider as many options as possible so that you can be sure that you have taken the right decision.

It will help you out in buying the best gaming laptop for yourself.That said, even gaming laptops under $800 and $500 can run all the latest games without any lags.