Best TIG Welder

At this point, you may well be unsure as to which best TIG welder is best for your welding needs and budget. For this reason, you’ll surely appreciate our TIG welder reviews which cover some of the best products on the market today.

EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG Welder 

  •  This is a very good welder for the price.
  • This can be useful to have when you want greater control when working. Despite the lack of this feature, this is still an excellent TIG welder for you to consider.

Blue Demon BLUEARC-90STI Tig Welding Machine


LOTOS Technology TIG140 140 Amp  TIG welder

The LOTOS TIG140 is a compact inverter Lift Start welder that provides DC stick and DC TIG welding capability. It is a welding machine incorporating IGBT and features performance and high efficiency. The welder is ideal for welding tasks where portability and performance are required. All ferrous metal, copper and stainless steel material can be Omni-bearing welded in all positions. With 110/220 V capabilities, the unit can be operated almost anywhere a power outlet is found, and can be used with small clean powered generators.My welder was delivered today. It was packed with styrofoam and looked like it was properly handled, this is important because inverter welders are a little more sensitive to mishandling than transformer welders. It came with the tig torch, collets, stinger, a nice ground clamp with copper contacts and the 240-120 pigtail conversion to plug it into a household outlet, all packed in a briefcase-like container.  I expected were a fitting for the tig torch to connect to my flow meter and some tungsten for the tig torch. These will be easy to find at my welding supplier.

Unit is small and lightweight and includes carry strap. I am not a pro but I have experience mig welding and this will be used for learning stick and lift Tig. I spoke with seller directly and they have a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. This seems fairly standard for an import welder. They were courteous and responded to all questions. Looking forward to using it. I will update when I begin to use it

140 A TIG/Stick Welding Output

Welding Output.

110V Input:100 A @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 104º F. Maximum 1/6″ Tig Welding & 1/12″ Stick Arc Welding.

220V Input:140 A @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 104º F. Maximum 1/4″ Tig Welding & 1/8″ Stick Arc Welding.

Suitable for stainless/Ferrous steel, Copper and other metal material welding.

  • Excellent arc control
  • Very quick and easy setup
  • A reliable and consistent performer
  • I gave five stars because of the value of all included components
  • You need a 220 line to get 140 amps. Don’t expect that from a 110 circuit
  • They also throw in a cheap mask and chipping hammer.

In conclusion

We sincerely hope that our suggestions can be some help for you to find your favorite Best TIG Welder. We have written a guide about Impact Wrench and chainsaw .